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The Holiday

Our Holiday started at the crack of dawn on Wednesday. Lola and I had to head out for Nocona before 7 a.m. because we had to make the vet appointment in Henrietta. All went well on the trip to Nocona (much better than my traffic ridden trip a couple of weeks ago!).

After Lola and I finished at the vet, we arrived home to find the party had already started. Dad and my cousin Sam were kicking off the day with a few rounds of bloody mary's. At some point, my Mom (who had gone to Wichita Falls for a hair appointment) called my Dad and was stranded on the side of the road (or as it turns out in the middle of the road) because she was out of gas. Mom was furious with Dad because he didn't fill up her vehicle before she went to WF, and of course, Dad was furious because she didn't look at the gas gauge! The funniest parts of the story to me are that (1) there was a 5 gallon gas tank full of gas in the back of the truck she was stranded in and (2) she just sat there in the middle of Hwy 82 reading her Danielle Steel book until Dad arrived!

After that, several of us went across the river (for those of you not from Nocona, that means the 20 minute trip to Oklahoma) to the Peach Orchard for lunch. After we arrived back home, it was time to begin preparing for dinner.

Below, my cousin Sara's little girl, Kristen is giving Lola some love.

After spending the afternoon working hard getting the fire pit going, it was finally time to cook. Here is my cousin Sam looking like he knows what he is doing.

Meme and Papa sitting out by the fire waiting on dinner to finish cooking.

Dad and Sam making sure everything is under control.

Everyone enjoying the wonderful meal on Wednesday night.

Wednesday was Sam's wife, Leslie's birthday. Happy 26th Birthday Leslie! Blow Hard!

Now we move on to Thanksgiving Day... Here is Meme examining her new gadget that she received from her kids for an early Christmas present...a new tiny video camera. Meme is dangerous with that thing! It is so small she can sneak up on you and be recording you without you even seeing the camera!

Uncle Ed and Papa after lunch.

Cousins Rachel and Sharon and Sharon's husband, Brandon. Everyone is so full from lunch!

Cousin Sam and his wife Leslie. They are expecting a baby in February. It's a boy!

Cousins Sara and Sam and my Aunt Amy.

So much good food and good company. We had the bulk of our family at my grandparents today. We were missing a couple of spouses, my 3 cousins from Alaska and their families, my cousin Tamy, and my cousin Robert and his son who live out in California.
I'm so full that I didn't even have room to taste all of the sweets yet, much less dig into the left overs! I brought a ton of food home with me, so at least with all the things I have to do this weekend, cooking won't be one of them! Lola is wiped out from so much commotion and playing with Milly for two days. She climbed up on the chair the moment we arrived back at home over 2 hours ago and hasn't moved a muscle since!
Happy Turkey Day!!! Hope you had a good one too!


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