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I've had quite a turnaround in the luck department today! No, I didn't win megamillions last night, but nobody did, so of course I believe this means that I will win on Tuesday.

Today I had several things that I wanted to do, but was resigned to the fact that I would be waiting on the cable guys all day. You see, the service in one of the bedrooms was all messed up, so Time Warner was going to send out a buy between 11-2 to take care of that. I also wanted to put an outlet in the other bedroom, but of course was going to have to wait on a different cable guy to do that between 2-5. So as I said, I was resigned to waiting ALL day for BOTH of the cable guys.

Well, at 10:30 this morning, cable guy #1 calls and says, would it be okay if he came early. Are you kidding? Of course it would be okay! Once he gets here, I tell him that I'm so glad he is early, but still a little bummed because I have another guy coming from 2-5 that I still have to wait on. Once he gets into it and fi…

Feeling Lucky

I just returned from an afternoon of running errands... groceries at Wal-Mart, trip to the car wash where my car was restored to black from the grayish white that it has been for a month and a half, and most importantly 7-11 for my Mega Millions ticket.

I'm really feeling like by the end of the day I will be a multi-millionaire! I know I said earlier in the week that anytime I enter a contest or lottery I feel like I'm for sure going to win. You probably think I'm crazy for thinking this way, but here is why I do... I cannot tell you how many times I hear "Wow, that NEVER happens!". Now granted this is almost always in response to some run of bad luck I'm having and the person is explaining that this isn't their usually method of operation but some crazy fluke that has just for the very first time in the entire history of their business happened to me! You see, at some point, I figure that this thing that NEVER happens will turn around from something …

Going Green

We've gone green! But not in a tree hugger, environmental way (though we are avid recyclers). The "Holiday" season has again changed at our house and the MardiGras decorations have come down and the St. Patrick's Day decorations have gone up. Below are some pics that take you on a tour through our house and the decorations.

If you arrived at our front door, this is what would greet you. As you walked through the house into the living room you would find shamrock garland on the mantle.
And if you kept walking and went out back you would find another decorative flag (and a cute dog who isn't Irish...she's German).
I'm so happy that the "Holidays" are so well spaced out this year. Often times, Valentine's Day and MardiGras can overlap and you can have the same problem with St. Patty's Day and Easter. This year everything is wonderfully spaced out so that I'm able to decorate for all!

Fat Tuesday

We have had a fairly uneventful Fat Tuesday... work and teaching with a nap worked in between. I'm currently blogging from my classroom. I'm showing a 4 part movie called "Founding Brothers". Notice I said it is 4 parts! This means that it will take all of class this week and next week to show...YEAH!

Maybe I will stop by Popeyes on the way home and get some red beans and rice to celebrate Mardi Gras. Since Lola can't eat those goodies, I'll throw some beads on her while she eats her kibble!

Tired Monday

I was pretty tired this morning after staying up so late watching the Oscars. Lola was snoring well before the main awards were given out, but of course I stayed up late for the whole thing. Then I was so keyed up, I had trouble going to sleep before midnight!

I kind of failed at my Oscar race. I didn't make it to see "The Reader" yesterday. I decided that with two sets of tests to grade, a stinky dog to bathe, 4 loads of laundry to do, etc. that I just didn't have time to go to another movie. However, I did manage to watch 2 of my netflix movies this weekend, "The Duchess" and "Changeling". I'm counting those toward my Oscar race because both were nominated for several Oscars.

Overall I was pretty please with the Oscars. I thought Hugh did a great job (the little we saw of him). I was very happy that Sean Penn won best actor. Though I still haven't seen "The Wrestler", I cannot imagine that Mickey could have possibly done…

Today's Tasks

I have now watched 3 of the 5 Oscar nominated films. I went to see "Slumdog Millionaire" today. I saw it at the older theatre in McKinney. I haven't been to that theatre since 2001 when I moved to McKinney for the first time. It is kind of shady, but super cheap, so I braved it and went. I was able to see the movie for $3.25!

My Aunt Amy e-mailed me today and said that she enjoys reading my blog and said she can't believe how much I get done. This kind of made me laugh because most of the time I think to myself that I can't believe how little I actually get done! So, after the movie, I felt like I really did need to accomplish something today so that I lived up to the pat on the back my Aunt had passed along via e-mail. I decided to organize my kitchen pantry. I'm sure that you have NO interest in seeing my photos of my pantry, but here they are, posted anyway...

How embarrassing! I can't believe I'm posting a "Before" photo!
But really, you ne…

TV & Movies

I'm still following ER. It isn't the most compelling show on TV, but then I figure I have so much time invested, I'm going to see it through. The season is going to end the first of April and between now and then (and really they've been doing this all season), they are bringing back old cast members. I'm of course most excited that Doug and Carol (George Clooney and Julianna Marguiles for those of you not in the know) are coming back!

This week kicked off a run with the return of Dr. John Carter (played by Noah Wiley). I was excited about this as Dr. Carter has been an important part of the show...he started off as a student back in the early days, transitioned to an actual doctor, then an attending, and then left the show to go work in Darfur. I was so bummed to find out (spoiler alert here if you haven't watched your DVR'd show) that Dr. Carter has come back but is sick! I now so hate to see Noah Wiley on TV! He is either on a sad commercial talking about…

Legal Funny

It's been a long time since I posted a Legal Funny... not because funny things haven't been happening, but because most of the time it is a "had to be there" thing or you have an in depth understanding of what we do on a daily basis and therefore get why some of the things that are a little demented are funny.

That being said, I think this is one that everyone can appreciate as funny (though now as I type this, I realize that most of you are going to think is more sad than funny, again with the context thing, but anyway, I'm going to share!).

Yesterday I received a phone call from a Dad wanting to know about emancipation of a minor. I'm thinking, okay his kid wants to be emancipated, right? NO! He was wanting to start proceedings to emancipate his kid because his kid was causing him problems! So I said, "Sorry to report to you sir, that you can't emancipate your kid just because he is causing problems. That is called having a teenager. Congratula…

Lola's Big Day

Today was Lola's Big Day, and as such, she had several treats today. Here is the birthday action chronicled in photos...

Here is Lola before she went to sleep last night. Lola's last 3 year old photo. Usually Lola's birthday is the one day that she can have people food. In the past, I have always given her a yummy real cupcake. Since this year we know that with her medical condition, anything besides prescription dog food could equal death, I had to be a little more creative when coming up with a birthday treat. (In case you can't tell, this is kibble in the shape of a cupcake with a candle and flame on top)
Enjoying her pup-cake
I gave Lola a tiger toy and a new nylabone. Jennifer gave her another nylabone. What more could a pup ask for...a new bone and a spare!

Love the new bones!
Just when we thought we were done with b-day treats, we went to the mail and discovered a package!!!!
Emily and her sweet pup, Winston, sent Lola some birthday toys. Thanks Emily and Wi…


Today, my sweet little pup turns 4. I never thought I would be so excited and thankful to see a 4th birthday, but after the December/January that we had, it is truly a blessing! In some ways I can't believe that it has already been almost 4 years since I saw that cute tiny puppy at the Trade Days, but in other ways, I can't believe that she has only been in my life for 4 years!

Here is a little trip down memory lane with some photos of Lola Marie... my little rat/squirrel/rabbit/opossum chasing, paper tearing, non-stop talking, sock stealing bundle of energy!

8 week old Lola, the day I adopted her
Almost 3 month old Lola getting her first taste of paper...and the addiction begins!

Lola's second Halloween

This cute hoodie was perfect for her, it said "Spoiled" on the back.
She hated it, so it was returned after some cute photos were taken.

She seriously hated the Tinkerbell costume. It too was returned after photos!

Now this sweater from Gap was a winner! She still wea…

V-day and Moving on to the next "holiday"

We had a good Valentine's Day here at our house. I was given cupcakes by a couple of different sources and that alone is enough to make my week great! Lola was given a new toy that looked like a Jolly Rancher (it even said Jolly Rancher on it) and of course, a new one of her ever favorite pink bones. She is so smart that last night she brought me one of her old bones (she likes me to hold them while she chews on them...spoiled I know!). I said, "Lola, go get your new pink bone so that it isn't so rough on my hand and then I will hold it for you." She hopped right off the couch and came back shortly with her brand new bone!
As you can see we have done a change over... we're no longer decorated for Valentines and instead are ready to Celebrate Mardi Gras!

Movie Release

Confessions of a Shopaholic is being released tomorrow. You will probably be surprised to hear that I am boycotting it. I will not go see it at the movie (probably will break down and see it on DVD though). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Shopaholic book series. It is so great, but from watching the previews, I think they have really screwed up the movie.

The main character in the book, Rebecca Bloomwood, is British and lives in London. In the movie, she is American and lives in NYC. What the heck? I mean, Hello? Would Bridget Jones have been the same if she had been made to be American in the movie? I think NOT!

Another point of contention with the movie is that it was styled by Patricia Field from Sex and the City fame. She is great for SATC, but has turned Becky Bloomwood into a crazy "Carrie" dressing character. I don't think that is true to the book character either.

Finally, my other bone with the movie is that the guy they cast to play her love interest seems tot…

The Real Deal

I love Frosted Flakes. They are my favorite cereal. Growing up my favorites were Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles and Frosted Flakes. Not the healthiest of cereals I know, but that was okay because I wasn't a huge cereal eater growing up (in fact I remember often getting in trouble for not eating cereal when I had begged my mom to buy it at the store).

Now, I'm just a Frosted Flakes gal. I really haven't had any here at the house for several months now. I went to Wal-Mart after class tonight and decided that a bowl of Frosted Flakes would be GRRRREAT for supper. I bit the bullet and did what I have considered doing many times.... I purchased the reduced sugar Frosted Flakes.

Let me just say that you may be able to fool your kids into thinking they are the same, but to my well trained taste buds, they are just crap! YUCK!


Okay, I finally made it to see one of the four remaining Oscar nominated movies that I hadn't seen. As you know from the title of this post and the art, I saw Milk tonight. Fantastic and Outstanding! I know I haven't seen all the others yet, but it is hard to imagine that another film will top this. I do know that Sean Penn was extraordinary in this film. Just when you think he can't play a role any better than he already has, he blows you away with this performance as Harvey Milk. Josh Brolin was good too, but didn't hit it out of the park like Penn did. It really is amazing and the timing is very poignant in light of the recently passed California's Proposition H8te...sorry getting on my political soap box here a little. Now I still have to see "Slumdog Millionaire", "Frost/Nixon", and the "Reader" to make my goal by Feb. 22nd.

Aloha Update

Well hopefully the trip is all uphill from here for Raenell and Joyce! They boarded their plane and sat on it for over an hour with maintenance men walking up and down the isle. I think they got pretty excited by this as you can imagine.

They were finally taken off the plane and switched from Terminal D to Terminal C where a new plane was suppose to arrive for them. Finally their new plane took off at 3:50 this afternoon (3 hours late) which of course screwed up their connecting flight to from Oahu to Maui. After many phone calls and some work of their own, they are now on the latest flight out of Oahu. Problem with this is they may not get to the car rental place before they close at 11:00 and the shuttles don't run from the airport that late! Mark called and because he is a preferred customer at the car rental place and he booked the trip with his preferred number, they have to thankfully stay open an hour later for them to get their car if need be! YEAH!

I hope they had a …


Today is the day that my grandmother, Raenell, and her friend Joyce are leaving for Maui. They are already at the airport (got there at 9:30) but their flight doesn't leave until 12:30...guess they didn't want to miss it!

Raenell has ALWAYS wanted to go to Hawaii and I'm so excited for her that she is finally going (I am still bummed that I'm not going with her, but I can be both over the moon excited for her and bummed for myself all at the same time!).

She has had several set backs over the past couple of weeks...her horrible back pain returned just a few weeks after a shot was suppose to relieve the pain for a while, my granddad was told that his cancer is back, my granddad came down with the shingles, and most annoying, my granddad decided he didn't want her to go and tried to prevent her from leaving by "playing" like he was worse off than he was. But thankfully, everything aligned just right and she was able to get a new shot that has stopped her back…


My luck ran out this week and after months of dodging "the stomach bug" that had been going around. Wednesday night (really 2:00 a.m. Thursday morning) the vomiting began. Worse than that though, was the fact that I ran over a 100' temp all day Thursday. I am and always have been really stricken by fever, so that was the worst part for me. I had to miss my classes last night and this morning. I haven't ever missed a class and feel bad about it, but there just wasn't any way I was going to be able to teach those classes!

Wednesday night, Billy and I went and tried out this place in Plano that I heard had fabulous calzones (as good as One Guy in Lubbock we were promised). They were really great (until of course 2:00 a.m. came around!). Prior to going to dinner, Billy and I got to witness a Lola rat hunt. She ran out the back door, saw a rat running along the fence, ran beside him until he got nervous and lost his footing, then he was all hers. She killed …

Puppies, Gangsters & Rock-n-Roll

I didn't make it to the movie again today. I discovered a "Sopranos" marathon on A&E about 11:00 and have been watching all day. It really has been quite the Steven Van Zandt marathon here today... watching him all day on "The Sopranos" as Silvio, and then flipping over to the Superbowl Half-Time show to catch Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, which of course includes Steven as a member.

I also flipped over to Animal Planet so that Lola could watch a little of the annual Puppy Bowl. You can see from the photo, she was enjoying it.

One of my favorite months

February has become one of my favorite months. Not just because of all the holidays, though for a girl that LOVES holidays, it does have a lot to offer. After all, there is Groundhogs Day, President's Day, Valentine's Day, not to mention Mardi Gras...

But February has become one of my favorite month's because it is Lola's Birthday Month. On February 17th, 2005, Lola Marie was born to her mom, Snowball and her dad, Frosty. Of course, I didn't discover Lola until April when I saw her at McKinney Trade Days in an aquarium. As Jennifer and I discuss all the time, not many puppies come from an aquarium, so I knew she was special right away :)