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Blue Shoes

I have been in a search for new blue shoes for 2 years. I don't know if you have looked for cute blue shoes in a while, but let me tell you, it really is a treasure hunt. Let me take a step back and say that while blue shoes are few and far between, most of the ones that I did find are not ones that I find "worthy" of wearing.

I bought a new navy suit a month and a half ago and another jacket that I wear with blue pants, and HAD to get my hands on some new blue shoes so that I can start wearing them. I have looked for a while, but decided today that I was making a trip to the mall and wasn't leaving until I had some blue shoes in hand. I was a little worried because you know how it always goes...when you are looking for it, you never find it.

I made a stop in the Bandolino shoe store and found a pair that were "okay". I wasn't in love with them, but they would work. They were on sale and a good enough price to pay since they weren't just aweso…

Coats and Swimsuits

What a crazy weekend of weather! Yesterday I was bundled up in my winter coat every time I went outside. Today, I've been outside in my swimsuit working on my tan! I know they say Texas weather is crazy, but this is beyond nutso!

Mom and Dad took the Rock Star Tour Bus out this weekend for the first time. It is a real great deal, they have a chauffeur...

Milly the Coach Pilot

Easter Bunny & Earth Hour

I had to get up at 6 this morning. Not really what I wanted to do on a Saturday morning, but I had to leave my house by 6:30 to get down to Plano to participate in Breakfast with the Easter Bunny. This is a fund raiser for an organization called Journey of Hope. I really like Journey of Hope. It is a great organization that provides free grief counseling for children, teen and parent(s) who have lost a parent or sibling or is in a situation where their death is imminent.

Like last year, I worked at the cookie decorating station. I basically used food coloring and dyed a lot of icing and then was the official rationer of icing to the kids. I put the icing blob on their cookie, and then they get to spread it all around the cookie and go hog wild with the sprinkles (and lord knows they do...basically they have a little cookie with their sprinkles).

Also like last year, I was annoyed by the same family. They apparently come every year and I remember their method of operation from ye…

Reading Material

You may have noticed that I have been reading "old" books recently. These are all books that I've owned for a while (possibly as long as 5 years in the case of "Angels and Demons"). You see I have a habit of purchasing a bunch of books at once. Then as I'm reading my stack of books, I get off on little tangents. I either get obsessed with a particular subject (ie: my Henry VIII phase, Pride and Prejudice phase, etc.) or I read an author and then go and buy everything that author has ever written and read them all immediately. So, this leaves several books behind that have never been read.

I was analyzing my bookshelf about a month ago and realized that there is quite a collection of books that I've never read. The crazy thing is that I really do want to read them all, but the lure of getting new books always wins out. I have decided to "ground" myself from purchasing any new books until I have read through my supply of unread books that…

Getting Rich off the Insurance Companies

Finally! I'm getting rich off of the Insurance Companies! Well, not really, but I am saving some money...

First a little background... my Mom and Dad have sold their 5th Wheel trailer and purchased a Motor Coach (aka: the Rock Star Tour Bus) to faithfully follow Jake and his band. I have included a photo just so you get the full grasp of it:

Okay, so back to the insurance story. Mom and Dad called our insurance agent in Nocona and were told that Progressive would give a better rate on the tour bus than Allstate (who we all have auto insurance with). Then Mom traded in her truck since it is no longer needed to pull the 5th wheel and got a new little SUV, and called the insurance company about that too. Sharon, our insurance lady told Mom that she might rather have her auto insurance with Progressive too because they cover your pets if you have an accident. Now it really isn't enough to cover all vet bills if your pet is really injured, but it pays up to $500 if your pet is injur…

United Nations

I have been having some skin issues recently. I have had dry peeling skin, the eye swelling issue due to the eye cream I was using, and have recently had a reaction to some blush and ended up with swollen cheeks.

Today I stopped by Sephora and left with the United Nations of beauty care. I'm hoping the result is I look 22 again! If not, I can return everything for a refund. Now I'm sure you are wondering where the UN comes into my skin care regime. Here is a list of what I bought and I think it will be obvious:

-Korres Thyme Honey Cream (24 hour moisturizer) from Greece (even has Greek writing on package) the ingredients include thyme honey, grape seed and macadamia nut oil- so if stranded somewhere, I might could eat it to survive

- Skynn Icelandic Relief Eye Cream (from Iceland)

-Peter Thomas Roth Hyaluronic Acid complex intensive hydrating serum with sodium PCA silk proteins, sea algae, honey, yerba santa mineral complex (that is the whole name on the bottle!)


Lola is very excited that after a million trips that I have made to the Coach store, I FINALLY came home with something for her...a new collar. Of course, Lola could have had one from every high end designer for what her vet bills have cost this year, so since I'm about tapped out of cash, I guess lucky for us both that the Coach outlet store had them on sale for $29!

I though I had really hit a bargain and initially bought her two (one was on sale for $10), but of course the sale one was a "fake" small and was way too huge for her, so it had to be returned. This was the one I really like though, so I'm happy it fits and is so cute with summery colors!

Here is the collar from about every angle so that you can see what it really looks like. She was acting kind of nutso, so it was difficult to get a good shot.

Holy Cow! This isn't a very flattering photo of Lo. She looks like she has donkey ears!

Getting Ready for Easter

My blog was ready for Easter before my house was. I intended to get the house Easter ready as soon as I got back home today, but as they say, "the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry!". As I'm sure I mentioned at some point in an earlier blog, I had horrible back pain from about November to January. I had just noticed the other day that I have probably only medicated myself about once in the last 4 weeks. Well, I bent over to pick up Lola today to put her in the car and immediately was hit with horrible back pain again. I took some of my Excedrin Back pain meds on the way home and they didn't phase it a bit. I managed to get into the house and lay on the couch with Lola for most the afternoon, but I have to say that I was still in pretty bad pain. I went to my medicine cabinet and dug out some Norflex from like 8 years ago. I took one of those and it is feeling a little better, so I decided that since I don't have too many Norflex left, it may be now or…


I picked Lola up at the vet this morning about 11:30. We are home now and she seems to be very happy about that. She is currently napping on the couch, but she seems to be feeling pretty well. She isn't suppose to jump up or down off anything for a week and keep running to a minimum. Right now that is pretty easy to control because she doesn't seem too interested in jumping, but I figure in a couple of days, that may be a completely different story.

3 M&M's

Lola had to be in WF early this morning for her surgery. Why, I don't know because they didn't get around to operating until this afternoon. About 4:00 I heard a report that the surgery had gone well and that she was awake and sitting up. All seems to have gone well. They removed 3 bladder stones about the size of M&M's.

They also did blood work, an ultrasound, and x-rays today. All indications are that the pancreas is doing really well.

She is spending the night at the hospital and then I'm going to pick her up at the hospital before heading back to McKinney.

Kiss Me, I'm Irish!

Lola has got her green on, so don't even think about pinching her! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The Most Fantastic Day

Well, Spring Break is in full swing. Not much exciting going on (as I've mentioned), but I have had a most fantastic day. Not a day where everything went perfect mind you... here are some examples of the bad parts:

(1) I went to the courthouse for a plea. The District Court my case was in, was locked up for Spring Break. No biggie, I can go to the auxillary court for this plea. Except...the file was locked in the judge's chambers and it took 45 minutes to find someone with a key who would unlock it and get the file. Then it had taken so long to find the file, that I got put behind the contested matters in Auxillary court and just for a reference, those hearings are at least 40 minutes each!

(2) My new neighbor is having tiling done. They have had the saw set up in the garage, which I could hear and was annoying, but tolerable. Today they moved it to the back patio which is about 6 feet from my kitchen and thus sounded like it was running in my kitchen ALL DAY LONG! Needless to s…

Weekend Festivities

This weekend was spent with Birthday festivities for Lisa. Saturday night, Mito had planned a surprise dinner for Lisa at Nicola's at the Shops at Legacy in Plano. Earlier in the day, I had ventured up to Richardson to pick up the cake for Mito. He had ordered "our" favorite cake for Lisa. It was the same baker and flavor that we selected for their wedding...a lemon orange marmalade cake.

Here is a photo of Lisa and Mito at dinner Lisa and her Yummy cake
Sunday, Jennifer and I had planned to celebrate with Lisa at Northpark. We all went to see the movie "He's Just Not That Into You". We selected this movie because basically that was all that was out that we hadn't all seen, and the only thing that any of us had even an ounce of interest in seeing. It was actually fairly good. After the movie, we went to La Duni for dinner and dessert.

A weekend of birthday celebrations!

Week rap-up

Well, I'm still not better. I may or may not be worse, but for sure, I'm not any better. I made a run to Target this afternoon for more Mucinex and another 4 pack of Kleenexes (yes, I've almost gone through the 4 pack that I started the week with).

I was suppose to go to a Bachelorette dinner tonight, but have cancelled as I feel like crap. Hopefully that will turn around because I have multiple events this weekend I need to be perky for and cannot cancel out of.

It is still raining also. Has rained pretty much all day. Earlier this week, I dumped out 3 1/4 inches from my rain gauge. It hasn't stopped raining long enough for a check today, but this is all very welcomed by my grass, trees and shrubs (not so much by Lola).

I'm very please that I am now officially on spring break. No classes next week and very minimal lawyering. I'm heading to Nocona on Tuesday afternoon with plans to get my brakes fixed on Wednesday and then take Lola to WF to the vet on Th…

Rain & Allergies

Luckily we have had rain all day. My grass and shrubs are probably pretty happy about that. I've been suffering from my spring allergy attack this week, so I am very hopeful that it will wash some of this pollen away too.

I haven't checked the rain gauge tonight, but as of noon today, we had received 1 1/2 inches so far. I got this new Texas Tech rain gauge for Christmas and it is the first real measurable rain I can remember since putting it out in the yard.

Since it was cold and rainy, and I'm feeling fairly under the weather, Lola and I have done some serious couch potato activity today. Below is a photo of Lola parked on my legs so that I can't get up and go anywhere!

I'm excited that winter is back for a few days and more rain is forecasted. I'm really hopeful I get over my congestion/allergy issue soon... I swear I wish I could make money like I can make snot! (Sorry, that may be too gross. I said that to Billy last night and he though it was pretty g…

It's Like the Car Wash

I have heard many of my friends over the years talk about what they did on the weekend while in High School. For most, it involved going to the mall, movies, etc. For all of those of you who didn't grow up in a small town, let me tell you that there were no malls or movies to go to. Instead, we would all "make the drag" on Friday and Saturday nights. This involved piling into cars and driving the 2 mile stretch of town a couple of times, then pulling into the car wash parking lot and sitting for a while. People would stop and everyone would talk, etc., then it was off to make the drag some more before stopping at the Boot Company parking lot and repeating the car wash parking lot events. These exciting events would be repeated until everyone's curfew. Exciting! I know you are jealous!

Well the reason I mention this trip down memory lane is that it seems I have the equivalent to the drag and car wash parking lot out on my back fence....for rats! Multiple rats …

Fiasco Finds Me

I swear, either fiascos find me or I'm darn good at finding them! This afternoon I decided to run a few errands. I wanted to go to the shopping center down in Allen and stop by Swoozies (they have 20% off everything in all their stores through March 15th) and Sample House. Both of these stores are in the same section of buildings down at the new shopping center in Allen, so I thought it would be an easy in and easy out quick trip.

I pulled up, put my money in the parking meter and walked into Swoozies as the fire alarm was going off. We were all evacuated out of the store. Sirens were going off, sprinklers were running at the corner of the building complex because water was going everywhere, and each and every store was evacuated in that portion of the mall. Of course that means that I couldn't go into Sample House either. I was stuck there over an hour before I could go in the stores (and of course I had to feed the parking meter again because so much time was wasted waiting o…

New Computer

Well, luckily I left the correct doortag today, so the Dell was delivered. I'm currently blogging on the new computer. So exciting!

Actually, all I have set up on here is the internet. Everything else still needs to be installed or moved over. That is way more than I have the energy to tackle today though. I got a webcam installed, so I'm very excited about being able to skype!

Is it only Wednesday?!?!

Seriously. Is it only Wednesday? This has been the longest week in history and let me assure you that I am Friday tired TODAY! Monday we had a child custody trial set. We arrived at 9:00 a.m. and sat around until 10:30 when the Judge decided that we needed to be back at 3:00. We arrived back at 3:00 and sat around until 5:45 when the Judge told us to be back on Thursday morning at 9:00. So, needless to say, I'm super excited about having to go back to court on that case tomorrow!

Yesterday was a long day also. I left my house at 6:30 a.m. to head down to the hospital in Dallas. My grandfather was having surgery and I went to sit with my grandmother. It was suppose to be a quick half hour surgery, but of course we didn't get released from the hospital until 2:45 yesterday afternoon. And then I had to teach class last night.

Today had some excitement though not as much as I had hoped. We ordered a new laptop for the firm a few weeks ago. This is not a splurge but a des…