Friday, April 24, 2009

Busy Bee

So I was quite the busy bee this week if I do say so myself!

On Wednesday, I purchased and planted some impatients out front, but I've already blogged about that. But beyond that, I managed to also do a load of laundry and mostly clean the house! This is really unprecedented for me during the week. I'm usually just a blob after I finish work, but this week I was actually productive. I guess maybe because I have several different things planned this weekend and the next, so it all has to get done some time, right?

Yesterday I went from nursery to nursery buying more flowers. I thought I only needed a few more plants in the front yard, but that actually turned into about 20 more plants. I also purchased most everything I was going to need to plant the back yard too. Because I had a long night of classes last night, I wasn't actually able to get any of it planted.

Today after I had finished all my work, I started planting. Here are some pics of the final results:

I'm completely done with the front yard
The next few photos include the newly painted black pots with flowers in them
I'm pretty pleased with them
I don't think they are all "Adams Family" anymore, plus I really like the black because it goes well in the front with the black shutters and black front door.
Now to the back yard...
Above is the newly painted and re-coco-lined planter (btw: this is the famous planter...the planter that I went to McKinney Trade Days to buy four years ago this month and left with the planter and a baby Lola!)
Below is the recently re-coco-lined kitchen window planter
The view from inside the kitchen...
Another pot

Things never look great when you first plant them, but hopefully soon they will grow and things will start to trail off the sides of the pots and they will look really good. Of course I wasn't able to finish in the back yard planting completely because I ran out of dirt. I was trying to put in some new miracle grow dirt in each pot so that the things would do a little better.

Here are some photos of my crazy growing climbing rose bush. It is about to bust out in a hundred more blooms! Can you believe that I only planted this guy last year and it was fairly small, maybe only a 5 gallon pot!



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