Friday, June 5, 2009


This is the last Puerto Vallarta least until next year :)

This post is filled with photos of the resort. I stayed at Dreams Puerto Vallarta. It is an all-inclusive resort just south of Downtown. I chose this resort last year because it is in a portion of Puerto Vallarta where the mountains actually come right down meet the beach. The resort is a little older than some others (though they do have a new tower of rooms), but what this basically means is that they have a much smaller pool than newer resorts. Pools aren't really my thing because, well we have those here at home. I'm all about the beach, and if you are too, then Dreams P.V. has the best beach!

My bed
View from my balcony (looking to the left)
View from my balcony (looking to the right)

This design of this hotel is pretty ingenious. ALL rooms have an ocean view because it is very wide, but only one room and a hallway deep. This is the view from the hallway behind the rooms.
Here is one of the pathways leading to the rooms. They put out these candles at night to light the path.
Foliage on the resort. Are those bananas?
Yep, those are bananas!
More lush foliage
This is the view from one of the restaurants, Oceana.
There was a little show during dinner...
These birds were diving into the ocean for fish.
A pretty sunset from my balcony
A photo of the beach from my palapa
I realized the morning I was leaving that I didn't really have a "proof of trip" photo.
You know, a photo of me in Puerto Vallarta to prove that I was actually there!
Self Portrait


Spotted-Bird said...

I love looking at trip pictures. So fun. It also helps me decide if I need to visit that destination. I have already been to P.V. I really only like visiting a place one and then moving on.

Emilymud said...

Looks wonderful! Love the proof of trip pic! You make me laugh


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