Monday, July 13, 2009

Blog, and you shall receive

Apparently, if you blog that you want something, you receive it! My Mom read on my blog that I was greatly wishing that I had a homemade blackberry cobbler, so she made me one yesterday.

Mom was going to drive it to me here in McKinney, but Lola changed the plans. Lola started showing signs on Wednesday (then on Friday and again yesterday) that her pancreas might be getting off-kilter, so I decided that we were going to go to Nocona last night so that we could go see our favorite vet in Wichita Falls this morning. Lola's bloodwork looks pretty good (maybe not normal, but probably her version of normal), so for now, she is on a couple of days medicine to try and get her tummy back in order. She had a little fever and was a little bit dehydrated too, so after the vet, we made a stop by my favorite snow cone place on earth, Bahama Bucks. I miss having a BB close and they have one in WF, so we hit it up before we left town.

Lola got her own little snow cone (minus the syrup)

For one more problem, my air conditioner seems to be having its yearly flare up. It is cooling a little (thank the lord), but it is running non-stop because it won't cool enough. I called the home warranty place who sent me to an a/c company who cannot come until Wednesday. Wednesday!!! I was sure hoping to get his in order by tomorrow. Wish us well in this heat!


Spotted-Bird said...

Bahama Bucks....I had totally forgot about that place. Now I need one.

Ann said...

Good luck with the a/c! I can't stand the heat.

Your cobbler looks so good.

courtney said...

oooooo, i would love to have some blackberry cobbler, too.

and, a million dollars!!

(blog and you shall receive, right?)


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