Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vet again (sort of)

We Love our Wichita Falls vet. He. Is. The. Best. Vet. Ever!

I spoke with him when he got to work this morning and reported Lampshade Lola's paw troubles (part 3). He called in a prescription to Walgreens for me, so hopefully we will be out of the lampshade collar by tomorrow night. Lordy, I hope so. I'm not sure how many more days I can function after nights like the last two!

In addition to her antibiotic, Dr. Joe was concerned about her itching. See, the problem is that her paw itches and then she licks and bites it until it gets infected. The prescription strength antihistamine doesn't phase her itching and she cannot take the steroids which would help the problem tremendously. The vet here in McKinney just said, "put her in the collar", but seriously that doesn't "FIX" the problem. It is horrible for her to itch and not be able to scratch.

During our conversation this morning, Dr. Joe finally came up with a drug to give her that he believes will help. Are you ready for this? It is the puppy version of the drug that they give organ transplantees to keep them from rejecting their new organs. I don't know much, but I'm thinking that doesn't sound cheap. We will see tomorrow because Dr. Joe is overnighting that drug to us along with an invoice. I offered a credit card, but he laughed and said since I've spent thousands with them this year, he wasn't really worried about me stiffing them for the meds.

My Mom came to town today. She brought me a cooler full of steaks and such from a local meat market for me to give to Kyle and Jennifer for all their work this weekend. She arrived at my house while I was at the office meeting with a client. Lola tried to guilt-trip her grandma into taking off the lampshade collar. Poor Lola, she is SOOOOOOO ready to trade me in for a new Mommy!


courtney said...

poor doggie! i hope her new meds help her out!

btw, totally impressed by your attic "re-do". i'm always impressed by people that are
"diy-ers". i need to learn to be more handy!

The Cooper Family said...

I am so sorry on the paw licking. Lola and Lucy must have had a meeting of the minds. At least the vet has not resorted (yet) to our old standby....keeping her in the office sedated until she is healed.


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