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Yea! The Countdown is ON! I have two more classes to teach for each of my two classes. Does that make sense? Said another way, I have 6 more classes total to teach and 2 of those will be final exams, so I only have to actually teach 4 more classes. Still confused? Welcome to my day!

Have you seen those forwarded e-mails regarding "Fail". You know, signs people tried to make, but wrote incorrectly, so it gets a "Fail", etc. Well today was a total "Fail" for the law firm of F&C. We managed to pick up a new client despite forgetting to bring contracts for services to the meeting (being quick on your feet at coming up with lies helps! "Ooops, Our printer just stopped working, let me e-mail you a contract!").

Then we went to Sam's to buy stamps. Yes, we buy our stamps at Sam's out of pure hatred for the local post office (because we only have one and way too many people using it). Then we managed to drop 4 books of stamps in the mail with letters we were mailing. (We're guessing this is what happened because they are missing and nowhere to be found in the car).

To top that off, I gave all my students a heart attack because I graded papers today and returned them. Problem was, I forgot when I was grading that the assignment was worth 150 points and I graded them as if they were only 100 points.

Today I get a big old FAIL stamped across my forehead.

Really the only good thing I can think of all day was Former Pres BC getting journalists freed from the "crazy as a shit house rat" dictator, Kim Jong Il! I've been following this closely since their capture (and I do believe that they were probably captured from China not wondered over into N. Korea) and I'm really excited they are in the air on their way home right now.


Traci said…
Great news about the hostages. I bet Lisa Ling is so happy tonight!

Hilarious about FAIL.

If you are talking about the Mckinney PO- They are morons!!! My dad and I always talk about this. They are in NO hurry at all to get to anyone and the line is ALWAYS long!!! Hate it! I always go to one of those little ups places.

Hope you have a better day tomorrow!
Ann said…
Sorry it was a hard day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

I love Bill Clinton. I too am glad the journalists are back!

Thanks for inquiring about my alleged swine flu. Fortunately, I'm all better!
Spotted-Bird said…
I seem to have FAIL days often. I have got to figure out how to make them stop. If you think of a way let me know.
Nora Johnson said…
Hi Kara!
What’s left to say after those great comments? Your wonderful post certainly fell on fertile ground. Fail days seem, unfortunately, international
phenomena! Great news though about the hostages!

I'm glad you found my blog at the July in Xmas blog party and I'm so glad too I've now found yours!

Will be back again soon to check up on further lovely posts!

btw just posted my latest Lola Lifeline Column - hope you’ll have time to pop over & join the fun...! :)

PS Love puppies too. Was wondering what breed the one in yr profile pic is?
Very awesome news about the reporters heading back.

You have your hands full! I have to admit, that I had to re-read the part of your post (a couple of times) that you explain your countdown...2 of 2 aka 6 total +2=4
haha... the math was too much for me at this time of day... oh wait, I can't use that excuse cuz it's already lunch time!

I love that you still have your sense of humor in the midst of your "fail" experiences!

Remember this saying? "Keep on Smiling!"

Hope you are having a better day :o)

...please leave a comment, if you're ever in my neck of the woods.

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