Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sweet & Stupid

First for the Sweet... I contacted Traci of Sweet Cheeky Designs, aka: blog designer extraordinaire, today and asked her if she could design me another header button for the right column of my blog for tweets. I know she is crazy busy and asked her to do when she had time even if it was 6 months from now. She got right back to me and designed up a button. Turns out the kit I originally purchased for blog design had an adorable little chubby bird that went unused...unused until now that is! Check out my adorable new button over to the right. Also, you can now click on that and it will take you to my twitter page. If you go, you will notice that my twitter page matches my blog page (of course!). Thank you Tracy!!! You are amazing!!!

Now for the Stupid... It is so hard to know where to even start here because I seem to run into so much of it every day. But today, I'm going to narrow it down to two and just let you in on a double dose of the stupidity.

First up, one of my students. I was grading tests and one of the questions read "What are party platforms and when/where are the developed?". Keep in mind we had discussed at length that party platforms are where the political parties stand on the various issues, etc. Here is the answer I got, "Party platforms are where candidates stand to state their beliefs. This is at the convention every four years." Dear Lord! She thinks the party platforms are actually the stage where people stand and say what they believe!

Stupid #2, the girl at Taco Cabana. I went to TC tonight because it was quick and I could eat it easily in the car (in theory). I don't often go to Mexican fast food establishments because I generally don't like them, but TC is okay and close to the college where I teach.

Not being too familiar with their menu, I asked the girl through the intercom to please tell me the difference between their chicken tacos and chicken burritos. Here is how the conversation goes: "A taco just is folded over and a burrito is tucked in at the ends." You guys just charge an extra $1.20 to tuck in the ends? "Hugh?" You said the only difference is how they are wrapped. "Right?" So that's it? "What do you mean?" I MEAN, does the burrito have something else inside that the taco doesn't. "Oh, yeah, it has other stuff like beans and rice and pico." Good lord. She will probably be my student in the fall!


Traci said...

LOL at Ms. Taco Cabana and how she might be your student in the fall. Was the girl in your class that answered about the party platform blonde? I loved that answer!!

About the button, anything for you, Kara! You keep me in stitches with your blogs daily!

Emilymud said...

Well I guess the good part is your done w classes right?

Ann said...

I love your new link button- very cute.

My father-in-law is a government professor and he gets the same dumb responses in class and on tests. Apparently stupid is widespread.

Abby said...

Where do these kids live that they don't just automatically know what a party platform is?

I have to get my blog redesigned. I need to do it soon! How fun!

Abby said...

Where do these kids live that they don't just automatically know what a party platform is?

I have to get my blog redesigned. I need to do it soon! How fun!

laterg8r said...

love the drive through girl - cracked me up! the birdie is QT! :)

courtney said...

and THAT'S why she's working at taco cabana! as for your student, though, oh my....that poor girl!

love the new button! too cute!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Very cute button!

And hey, Party Platforms... she could have given a worse answer... like "ya, know...the kinda shoes ya wear to a... party?"

Your stories were hilarious!


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