Friday, September 4, 2009

...and change

As I mentioned yesterday, my plans for the holiday weekend have changed....and now changed again!

We left off last time with my decision to venture out into public on Sunday for a trip to Canton, but Saturday and Monday I was going to be a hermit and stay in my shell.

Well as it turns out, I had agreed to meet my friend Jenn who lives in North Carolina on Sunday for lunch, but just didn't realize that it was for THIS Sunday. We had never actually set a date to it, just a vague, you want to go to lunch when I'm in town. I remember at some point roughly putting that down, in my mind at least, for mid-September. Anyway, I just realized that while I was going to be in Canton, I was also suppose to be having lunch with Jenn!

Now Suz and I are going to venture out to Canton tomorrow. We had vowed on a previous trip to NEVER go on a Saturday again because it was so crowded the last time we were there on a Saturday, but what can you do. Now we are meeting even earlier to try and beat the crowds, so I will probably need to leave my house no later than 6:30 in the morning.

But Monday, I swear, I'm not leaving the house!


laterg8r said...

hopefully monday you get some pj's and relaxing time :D


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