Saturday, October 10, 2009

SATC Saturday: The Men

There isn't a whole lot of gossip this week on the SATC 2 movie front this week. I think they have been taping at their closed studio in Brooklyn this week, so no good photos or leaks. So.... I have made this post about The Men of SATC. We have only caught a glimpse of Big and Steve so far...

Big, or John J. Preston as we came to know him in the first movie, is of course played by Chris Noth.
(BTW, if you aren't checking out Noth's new show "The Good Wife", you are missing out!)
Noth just announced that he is engaged to his long-time girlfriend. It's about darn time, as their kid is about to turn 2!

Then there is this photo of David Eigenberg arriving to the set to tape scenes as Steve Brady. Ok, this may sound rude, but boy I hope they don't use him much in this movie! Seriously! Do you not think he looks like crap? I mean if anyone wonders how the rest of the bunch doesn't look like they have aged much, you need to wonder no longer. He took all the aging for the whole team!

Now here is a little video that re-caps the (important) men of Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha's lives...

I'm going to be on vacation for next Saturday's installment, but I have a great post planned already, so don't miss out!



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