Saturday, November 14, 2009

SATC Saturday Sabbatical

I'm taking a SATC Saturday Sabbatical. The reason for this sabbatical is multi-fold. First, there really isn't a whole lot of interesting SATC scoop leaking on a weekly basis. Second, I have a zillion other things to do today like work on Christmas cards (it is mid-November and I have no idea what I'm doing which causes me to break out into a cold sweat), clean my nasty house, work on finishing my bedroom project so that everything will be complete when my headboard arrives next month, grade papers and tests, work on some stuff for a couple of judicial campaigns I've gotten myself wrapped into, pet a cute little white dog, etc.

Hopefully I will get a few things on my "To-Do " list accomplished this weekend and I hope that you do too!

Go Tech! Beat those OSU Cowboys!


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