Thursday, December 17, 2009

Legal Funny

You may not think this is funny, but I thought it was hysterical...

To give a little background first, our county has a court where the overflow goes. Basically agreed pleas, divorce prove-ups, etc. go to this court. It is staffed by a rotation of retired judges who "visit".

The pleas for people who are in jail are done at the jail. The prosecutor, bailiff, defendant and defense attorney are in a room at the jail and the judge and court reporter are in the court room back at the courthouse. All of this takes place via closed circuit tv.

Also, you need to know that at some point the judges question competency. Judges ask "are you competent" because, just asking is of course the best way to find out if someone is crazy. One judge loves to say "now attorney so-and-so, I know that you didn't know the person back on the date of the offense, but do you think they were competent then?" What the...? How are you suppose to answer that? I always say yes, but I have no idea if the answer really is yes because as we've already established, I didn't know defendant then.

Today I'm doing a jail plea and the judge was a fun guy who is really nice and likes to joke around (or I wouldn't have said what I'm about to tell you that I said).

Judge: Have you had an adequate time to speak with your attorney?

Client: Yes

Judge: Are you satisfied with her representation?

Client: Yes. Actually, I thought she was awesome! I really like her and think she was really great. (Bailiff cheers "woo hoo!")

Judge: Are you competent?

Me: Judge! Are you asking her that because she just said I was really great!?

Judge: Laughing says Well she did just give me a reason to question her competency!

All on the record of course!


The Ffrench's said...

That is very funny !!! I love judges with a sense of humor !!!!

Traci said...

who was the judge? I know who it wasn't! :)

Abby said...

I thought that was hilarious!!

debra said...

That is a very cute story! I love that people can still joke around even when the job is quite serious.

Spotted-Bird said...

Good stuff!!!

courtney said...

too funny!

Ann said...

I love judges like that. Funny!

The Cooper Family said...

Too bad Judge Buckmeyer's column is no longer in the bar journal. That is prime material!


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