Monday, January 4, 2010

Victory amidst turmoil & Egg McMuffins

To say that Texas Tech Football has been in turmoil this past week would have registered as the understatement of last year and this year.

I still don't want to get into it all. As "Sticks", our backup quarterback Steven Sheffield, said last night,"I looked up in the stands and I saw signs about Team Leach. Bring Leach back. Leach ain't coming back. That's how it is." But before moving on, I have to say, I liked Leach. I really liked Leach. I'm going to miss our pirate. He led us to some great seasons, he gave highly entertaining interviews and was beyond quirky.

Luckily, last night we had a great victory amidst all the turmoil. Of course I'm happy with the victory, but even more so for the players.

I also would like to say that I wish the bowl game had started earlier in the day. I had to watch most of the second half in bed and then got so hyped up about the risks at the end of the game (pulling Potts and putting in Sheffield, going for it on 4th down...Twice, and then finally pulling ahead of Michigan State) that I was too hyped up to sleep until 2 a.m.!

Here's a pic of my celebration (please note that even after I went to bed, I made sure I was wearing pj's that were team colors):

So what's next for our team? Who will lead us in the future? I'm pulling for Coach Ruffin McNeill.

He is vying for the job and had a heck of a "job interview" last night. And did anyone catch his post game on field interview last night? It was splendid. So sincere. I love Coach Ruff.

Coach Ruff is many of the players choice for Leach's replacement too. Barron Batch said "With Coach Ruff, the sky's the limit. I love that guy."

"To the world outside Tech football this week was chaotic," running back Eric Stephens said. "But inside Tech football everyone knew coach Ruff had this team under control."

I hope that the administration is listening.

Now for a completely unrelated topic of Egg McMuffins...

To answer some questions that came up in comments in my last post:

(1) Where did the egg gadget come from? Walmart. It is made by Nordicware, and may be sold other places too (probably is in fact).

(2) Following instructions on the gadget: The instructions say to scramble the egg before cooking it. On my Dad's advice, I don't scramble, but just break the yolk by giving it a poke with a fork or knife and you get a "true egg mcmuffin egg", and in my opinion a much better result. So I say Break the Rules!


Scrappy Girl said...

I am going to look for the egg thingy...very cool gadget...thanks for the info!

Abby said...

what kind of pannini press did you get. That's what I need!!

I always liked Leach as well, but obviously the players felt differently and I am always for the student athlete. They are playing sports for free (unless we are talking OU) and it does eat up lots of your college experience. Plus Leach totally had the aggies number, so hopefully with a new coach the aggies will get a few wins against the raiders.

Coach Ruff is so kinda cute. So he gets my vote for that. Also he is willing to live and recruit to Lubbock and that always has to be something to be considered when hiring! Some people don't find Lubbock as alluring as we do! Another attribute for him!

Ann said...

Love the picture of your hand in the mirror. So funny! I watched from bed too, but I didn't make it to the end. My kids get up too early for that. However, I did get up at 4 a.m. to check the score. That does count for something- right?

Spotted-Bird said...

I am really going to miss Leach. I really loved him.


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