Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Democracy in Action

I've been tired before, but what I feel today isn't tired... it's exhaustion. Sitting/Standing out for 12 hours is not my cup of tea. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't last past day 2 of being homeless without dying. Just for the record, I was the ONLY person who was at my poling place for the entire 12 hours.

Oh well, it was all worth it because it is all part of something I love...democracy in action.

Here are some pics from the day:

Here is Jennifer on the left and Cissy on the right. Cissy's husband is a District Judge and stopped by on his way to the courthouse and brought us Starbucks treats! Yea!
cissy & jennifer

whole group
We thought these ladies were super cute. The one on the left is the mother-in-law of Keith Gore, the candidate. Sadly, Keith lost last night by a couple of thousand votes :(
For everyone who said to us yesterday, "At least you have a pretty day...", I want them to know how much I wanted to punch them in the face. Yes, it was pretty in the fact that it wasn't raining. However, when I was sitting out there at 7 a.m. and it was 34 degrees with the wind was whipping around me, it wasn't very pretty.

It did warm up to about 51 degrees, but the crazy wind just blew and blew making it feel so much colder. So yes, it was a very pretty day if you were sitting inside looking out the window, or only out for a few minutes to get from your car to wherever you were going. If you were sitting out in it for 12 hours straight, IT WAS NOT A PRETTY DAY! Thankfully, I've worked enough Junior League outdoor activities that I come pretty prepared...gloves, scarf, blankets, etc. (which were all used ALL DAY LONG).

After the polls closed at 7 p.m., I ran home and let Lola out, tried to fix my makeup and headed over to our results watching party (I had 4 I wanted to go to...I made it to 1)

Here were our candidates, Matt Goeller and Lance Baxter at the party,

watching the results closely

( Matt's not looking like a friendly candidate, but more like he belongs on The Sopranos!)
Matt's wife and daughter
Lance and his treasurer, Brandon. Notice Lance's face. Mine isn't quite that bad, but it is red (I still can't decide if it's sunburn or windburn or a little of both)
lance & brandon

We had some of the early voting numbers in by 7:30 and then the precinct numbers from the day were suppose to start being published at 8:30. We waited and waited and waited and then finally at 9:40 we got a call that there was a problem. In typical fashion, Collin County elections had a big old computer glitch and they said that numbers might not be released until after midnight.

At that point, most of us weary campaigners threw in the towel and went home.

There were so many people running that we knew there would be disappointments, and there were but I'm happy to report that both Matt and Lance "won" their races, but not with 50% of the votes (too many people in the race). Sooooo, here we go again. It was a little bit like Groundhog Day, we saw our shadow and now we've got to campaign hard for 6 more weeks until the run-off.


Linda K said...

Looks like a job well done - congrats to you for 12 hours of your time.

Hey from the picture it looks like a really nice day. :-)

Abiding Branch said...

Kudos on your dedication!! Wow! I bet you were glad to get home to your favorite place to sit (couch/chair/etc).
found you on Texas Gals!!
Your blog is sooo fun!
I'm legally blonde too!!!

Deb said...

I voted at noon and was #26...kind of have great dedication


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