Saturday, April 17, 2010

Motivation {Updating Post}

I really need to get motivated and get some stuff done this weekend. So far, I've been working on cleaning out my DVR from the week, but that isn't really the "stuff" that I need to be motivated to do.

Maybe if I write some of it down here in my blog, it will make me more accountable.

{"Things to Do": Listed In No Particular Order}

1. Clean out closet in extra bedroom
2. Laundry {in progress}
3. Grade tests for ALL 3 of my classes
4. Clean house
5. Sell some stuff junking up my garage (it's listed on Craigslist, so I'm working on it) {1 down, 1 to go}

{Things I want to Do}

1. Watch the 3 movies that arrived in my mailbox yesterday: "Precious", "Coco Before Chanel", and "An Education"
2. Finish reading "Game Change" and start a biography I have on Abigail Adams
3. Finish cleaning out my DVR
4. Nap
5. Nap some more
6. Win the lotto tonight so that I can hire someone to do all of the things I don't want to do

{ This is going to be an Updating Post}

I'm going to strike through the items I've done as I accomplish them this weekend...



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