Thursday, April 8, 2010

...Some Light Shopping

Today I went down to a local shopping center with Jennifer. She was going to get her hair cut and I was planning to window shop for the hour.

One store I wanted to hit up was Swoozie's, because...

FYI: EVERYTHING except for greeting cards is 10% off. Greeting cards are 30% off, so I didn't buy a thing and plan to wait until we hit the REAL SALE level.

I went to Bath and Body Works because my friend Jenn told me that had some great summer home fragrance scents. Boy was she right. I could have spent $100 there! They have several great scents and y'all know I'm so not a scent person! They have wallflowers that are colored now and cute shapes. They also had adorable scentportables for the car that look like cute! I managed to keep my purchases to $10, but I bought 6 things! Bargain, right?

Here's what I got. I got a room spray (not candle) in this scent:
It is divine! I mean, it smells like the beach. It even has a hint of coconut smell to it.
I also got 5(!!!) of these....

They are the small travel size lotions that are normally $3.50, but they are previewing them for $1 each. I did a little math and figured out that this is cheaper than they sell the large sizes for, thus I bought 5. I also figured it would be good for travel coming up and my purse, etc.

It is Lemon Vanilla. Now y'all, I'm normally SO OUT on vanilla anything except cupcakes and ice cream, but this SMELLS SO GOOD! They also are previewing Vanilla Berry and Vanilla Coconut, but this is my fav. They are also reformulating their lotions and this is the new formula. I think it is an improvement. They are going to get these in in larger sizes later this month and in the other products like bath gel, etc.

Really that was all I bought on my excursion. I did wonder through Francesca's and saw this book that spoke to me, so I took a photo to share with you...



mom said...

I can't believe Swoozie's is going out of business! I like the beach scented candle, also. The island margarita is good, too. I love all the citrus summery scents. I bought a new candle last time I was there called summer orchard that I love. I also bought one of the Tahiti (sp.?) bath washes that I really like.

Scrappy Girl said...

I love the Carribean Salsa scented is so yummy smelling. I love fruity scents, but my hubby loves anything vanilla. Those new lotions sound like the perfect blend of what each of us like.

The Ffrench's said...

Oh good I'm glad you found some scents !!! I told ya they were yuuuummmmy !!!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Hi I'm Megana and I found you through texas blogging gals. I'm LOVIN' your blog! I didn't know Swoozies was going out! They are really kinda over priced so I'm not too surprised, but thanks for the heads up!


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