Friday, May 21, 2010

Texas is crazy and other matters

I've been fuming about this for months, but today the idiots on our State Education Board officially decided to re-write history. Not only does it make the whole country look at us like we are a bunch of uneducated, racist, haters, but we are going to erroneously educate our children for years to come.

Rand Paul? Seriously, people. You can not like taxes. Not like what your tax dollars are spent on. But take a step back before electing these wing-nuts!

Why in the holy heck are we still allowing BP to try and fix this oil spill situation? They've had a month! They don't know what they are doing! Time for the government to step in, take over, and send BP a big fat bill! Too much damage has been done already. Save the Bayous!

Yesterday my cousins and their Mom came to visit me. We were talking and I discovered that the girls have blogs (well kind of... one has only blogged twice in a month and a half and the other one needs to make her's visible). Anyway, I was showing them sites like shabby blogs, etc., and how to put cute backgrounds and buttons on their blogs. In the middle of their tutorial, Maddie (age almost 9 yrs.) busts out with "Is this legal?". Totally cracked me up!

Typing one handed sucks. Antibiotics suck. But I think that today, for the first time, my hand is hurting less. I can move my pinkie a bit inside of my cast and it isn't an excruciating pain like it was before.


Abby said...

Glad the hand is better. Emery ask today if your hand still was sprinkly!


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