Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hump Day List

Here's my Hump-day list:

(1) I have seen the oddest tattoos today. Both were on my clients. One younger "lady" has tattoos on the side of her neck. One says "Miss Thang". Seriously, this is what you want on your neck for life? When relaying this story to Jennifer she says, "Is that what you want on your neck when you are at your grandson's medical school graduation someday?". To which I reply, Are you smoking crack? The appropriate question seems to be, Is that what you want on your neck when you are sitting at your grandson's parole hearing someday! Another client, age 16, had a tattoo on his arm. I couldn't make out most of it, but it had one of our local area codes in it.. "(972)". Again, really?

(2) It appears my new fairy godmother is on her way to me. I never received the "your phone has shipped e-mail", though I did receive a "how do you like your new phone e-mail" several days ago. I finally called and it said it shipped and gave me a tracking number. I tried to track it on FedEx, but they were having tracking problems. I'm just guessing here, but probably all the people that shut-down AT&T's system the other day during pre-order, have caused FedEx problems now!

(3) Yesterday was 5 weeks since my hand surgery. I can take my splint off around the house, but still have to be careful because the tendons could still pop if I do the wrong thing. I can now use both hands to type, though it certainly isn't back to normal, but I'm trying to adjust to it.

(4) I read an article about people having cosmetic surgery to get dimples. It sounds awful and like it could go bad. So I pondered the question of why people have dimples. Considering the fact that I've had two rather large dimples my whole life, you think that this question would have come to me sooner. So I googled it and it turns out that it's a birth defect that is genetic. Something about the muscles in your face not being a normal length. Who knew!


Cortni said...

My daughter has big dimples like my husband...I never knew that about them. Birth defect...hmmm time to go tease my hubby! lol

Spotted-Bird said...

Can't wait to hear about you new FGM.


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