Monday, June 14, 2010

You want me to pet YOU?

So part of my therapy is that i need to pet my hand. Yep, you read that right. I guess it is kind of like a massage to do that. It's not working out so well. Anytime I try to "pet" my hand that means that there is no hand available to pet Lola. I've tried to convince Lola to learn to pet me for a change, but we are at a stalemate.

In other dog related news, our neighbor got a pup a while ago. He's become a little more vocal lately and it drives Lola nuts. When she is inside and hears him bark, she goes nutso. Then yesterday I go outside and see that new pup is trying to get into our yard to play and Lola is giving him the cold shoulder. I mean she is completely ignoring him.

Pup trying to come under the fence

Lola was sitting down ignoring him much further away, but stood up and came closer to me when I came out to take photos
Queen Lola cannot be bothered by the common dogs!

Speaking of being a spoiled dog, Lola got a new toy. A sock monkey...

yes, she needs a bath.  her face is filthy, but it seems like something one needs two hands to do!


Scrappy Girl said...

Um yeah I am thinking bathing a dog is definitely a 2 hand activity. She looks so cute with her sock monkey.


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