Friday, August 6, 2010

Black cloud...from bad to good?

I'm no fun this week.  I recognize it.  I also recognize that based on comments (or lack thereof :-) ), that nobody wants to listen to me gripe about a bad day, or in my case, a bad week.  But folks, that's all I've got this week, so hang in there with me and maybe things will change!

So you heard how my Wednesday went.  How was Thursday and Friday?  Let me tell you...

Thursday, as I mentioned I went to lunch with my grandparents.  My grandmother has been sick and called her doctor that morning to report her medicine was making her sicker.  He insisted that she come in, so she asked me to take her after lunch.  We left my granddad at home with Lola and headed down to Baylor Hospital.  All things went pretty smoothly until we were leaving Dallas.   I got pulled over and until the cop approached, I had no idea why.  Turns out the access road at that spot in Dallas has a 30 mph speed limit!  30 mph!?!  I was going 43 mph.  The speed limit on McKinney's access roads are 45-55, so I had no idea I was speeding!  Yea, he was a real jerk and gave me a ticket.

Then this morning, I pulled out of my garage to go to court only to discover that my house had been vandalized over night.  I had to run home between court appearances to try and clean up the mess of toilet paper, corn and carrots, chocolate syrup and eggs.  I had to change clothes quickly and try to clean it all up.  I was able to use a scrub brush and get most of the chocolate up, but those eggs are a pain in the you know what.  I have no idea who or why I was vandalized...only possibility I've come up with is some kids that I kicked out of my drive way the other day because they were riding wiggle cars down it and were making Lola crazy and in turn making it impossible for me to speak on the phone with the internet support guy.  Also, I didn't want to start a precedent of kids playing in my driveway and risk running over one someday.

I'm praying that's it.  That's the end of my crappy luck.  Right now it's raining and I hope that it is washing all my bad mojo away.  The rain is much needed and appreciated.  It is really coming down and storming out I just pray the lightning doesn't strike the house!


Mom said...

Send the rain our way. I sure hope your luck changes, to only good. Give Lola a kiss for me.

The Ffrench's said...

Oh no that stinks...hope things turn around !! Dumb Kids.

The Cooper Family said...

What a week! Next week will be better!


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