Friday, August 20, 2010


I got my Otterbox this week. 

I'm pleased because it is not as big and bulky as I had anticipated.  Though it is basic black and not a cute color, I'm still happy to have it.  It is a relief to not feel like I'm toting around a faberge egg on a daily basis! 

And in other otter news, it is less than a month until I go to New Orleans and get to go visit the Otters.  I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE otters and almost always go visit the Otters at the Aquarium.  I'm certain I'll drag Abby there to visit the adorable little creatures!


Abby said...

sign me up, love otters!
Love my otter box too. Today my phone fell out of my lap and thankfully the otter box saved it!! Relief!!

Ann said...

Cool. Think you need to get PW an otter box. Same thing happened to her phone that happened to yours.


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