Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Love TV

I love TV.  I have loved TV for a long time.  For my 5th birthday, my great-grandfather bought me the coolest TV on earth...or at least I thought it was.  It was a 19 inch color tv with a remote control.  Not only that, but it also had a built in telephone.  I could use my remote to dial people and actually talk over the TV.  Anyway, the birthday gift when I was 5 helped turned me into the tv junkie that I am today.

Being the TV Junkie means that I've been happy as a clam this week since Fall premiers have started.  I've already caught new episodes of Gossip Girl and Parenthood.  There are several new shows that I'm hoping are great.  One premiers tonight, even though it's actually going to run on Friday nights...

I saw that People Magazine didn't give "Outlaw" with Jimmy Smits a high rating, but come on, it's Jimmy!  I love Jimmy and will watch him in just about anything, including that crapalicious show about the Cubans running the rum company that was on a few seasons ago, but got cancelled mid-way through it's first season.  If you haven't heard about "Outlaw", Jimmy is a Supreme Court Justice who decides to say "screw it all" and quits the bench to practice law and help the people who really need it.  It's running on NBC.

Another show I'm greatly anticipating is "Blue Bloods" on CBS.  It stars a lot of good people, but most importantly, Tom Selleck

I love Tom Selleck.  Did you know that when I was in New York a few years back, I got tickets to see a taping of "The View" and we lucked out and Tom Selleck was the guest?  Yep, I was.  I have photos to prove it!  Anyway, "Blue Bloods" is going to be on CBS on Friday nights at 9 beginning on 9/24.

There are several other shows that I'm going to give a trial run to as well.  "The Event" with Blair Underwood is another one.  It's a NBC show airing on Wednesdays at 8:00. 

Smits, Selleck, Underwood...what can I say, I'm a child of the 80's!



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