Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Follow Lola on Twitter

Okay, so not yet, but maybe soon you will be able to follow Lola on twitter.  My friend Jenn sent me a text last night asking if I've seen http://www.puppytweet.com/. Somehow, I had managed to not see it yet, so I went straight there.  This is what it is...

The charm on the right goes on the puppy's collar and then you plug the thing on the left into the USB of your computer.  It tracks your pup's activities (eating, sleeping, playing, barking, etc.) and then sends out a relevant tweet on your dog's twitter account.  You can keep up with what your dog is doing while you are away!  Genius!

It costs $24 and you can get it on Amazon and it comes in pink or blue.  I think Lola may need one for Christmas!


Scrappy Girl said...

That is such a cool gadget...and its CUTE!

The Ffrench's said...

I thought it was so cute :)

Emilymud said...

What are you for real?? Well hum Winston may need one! I am almost afraid though to know how much he barks while we are gone! Very neat


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