Monday, October 18, 2010

Too Much?

There are about 3 things that I want to do next week, all within a span of about 72 hours of each other.  I'm concerned that it is too much.  That I'm too old to pull it off.  Let me lay it out to you.  This is what I already firmly have planned...

Thursday, October 28th, I'm planning to go to Canton for the Trade Days.  We will probably leave at 8ish and get home late afternoon/early evening.

Saturday, October 30th, I'm going to College Station for the Tech vs. A&M football game.  I'm meeting Abby & Brian down there for the game.  They haven't announced the game time yet, but more than likely, we are going on Saturday morning and will spend Saturday night...though there is the possibility that we will go spend Friday night instead.  The TBA status of this game is holding me up on whether the 3rd thing I  want to do is viable or not.

What's the third thing?

Noneother than Ryan Star!  Ryan is coming back to Dallas on Friday the 29th. You know I would normally jump at that, but I'm worried about a couple of things...
(1) I may not even be in town if we decide to go to College Station on Friday night.

(2) If I am in town, I may have to leave before the crack of dawn on Saturday morning.

(3) Ryan won't take the stage until probably at least 10, which means that I will get home late. I'm driving down by myself, so I may have to investigate the possibility of a caffeine iv for driving purposes.

(4) I don't think I have a soul that will go with me to the concert. I think I've tapped out my friends able and willing to go. Not that I'm about to let that really stop me.

So I don't know. Do you think I can take that much excitement in the span of 72 hours, or am I too darn old to pull it off?


Emilymud said...

Sounds fun! I mean heck why not do it all if you can! If you need a friend to attend the Star with you, call me up. I have heard he is pretty good (hum wonder where I heard that??) Life's no fun if you don't rush around right?

Abby said...

I say do it all! You only live once!

Anonymous said...

You can rest when you get really old(past 40). i think you should do everything.


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