Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 

Lola and I went to Nocona yesterday afternoon.  I stopped by one set of grandparents on the way through their little town.  My grandma had started her holiday baking with some homemade fudge...yum.  Then we went to my other grandparents where my Dad and Uncle cooked up a, quail, wild turkey, pheasant, and french fries.  It was so good and my Dad bought tarter sauce from a place across the river (that's Oklahoma to those of us living 15 miles south of the Red's rarely referred to as Oklahoma, but almost always as "across the river") that makes the best you've ever had and I eat by the ton, which made it all even better!

The big cold front came through during the night and kept me up with the howling winds on my north facing bedroom.  But it was so cold when we woke up this morning, which in my opinion, was wholly better than the 82' it was yesterday!  I even got to see my first snow flakes and sleet of the season! 

Mom and I cooked up a storm all morning and then went to my grandparent's house for lunch.  Tonight, Lola and I headed back to McKinney with a box of leftovers and some deviled eggs that my other grandma had made and set aside for me to get on my way back home.  Now I'm just catching up reading blogs and watching football.  Poor Lola is so tired she crawled up on her bed within minutes of getting home and is snoozing up a storm right now.

It was a good holiday.  I'm so thankful that I got to go home and be with family, especially that I got to see all 4 of my grandparents.   Hope you all had a great day.

P.S. The photo taking was a total fail.  Not one photo!


Emilymud said...

Love the new back ground! Happy Thanksgiving to yall too!!!

Abby said...

I need to taste that darn tarter sauce!

Ann said...

Sounds like a great holiday. I was so glad it got cold. Warm weather just doesn't feel like Thanksgiving!


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