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Ryan Star & Texas Tech Football

Here is a primarily pictorial review of my weekend...

Ryan Star concert on Friday
I know I inundated you with photos of Ryan Star after the August concert, but here are a couple of more.

Right before taking the stage... Ryan commenting on our World Series status (which was 0 wins at that point) This one is because people always comment that he looks mean or serious.  He does when he is singing, but he is really the nicest guy, so I had to show that he does smile. and this one, because I kind of thought it was a cool pic...

and that's all for Ryan Star pictures.  I've been asked if I am known by him as his super fan.  No, I am nowhere near the super fan status.  I think those who have gone with me can testify that while I'm a fan, my behavior in no way makes me memorable as a super fan.  Now others, I think personally, Ryan may need a restraining order against. 
Ryan and I did get to chat more this time and that was fun!
College Station for the game on Saturday
A pumpkin contest a…

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from me and this cute little bee!

Here's the deal...

Here's the deal...

I'm burning the candle at both ends this week.  Today alone, I had teach 2 classes, go to court, finish cleaning my house because my grandmother is coming tomorrow morning (or today actually) to house/dogsit, and also do some CLE (continuing legal education) because I had to get hours in by Sunday or bad, bad things would happen. 

I got so busy doing all of those things, that I forgot to pack my bags  I'm leaving before sunrise tomorrow to head down to College Station to hopefully see The Red Raiders pull out a victory against the Aggies. 

It's after 12:30 a.m. and I should be packing, but instead I've wasted time eating a Red Velvet Cupcake from Sprinkles that my uncle's family gave me for Halloween, downloading pics from tonight, playing with a white dog and a pink elephant, and now blogging.

But people, I've had fun tonight.  Tonight's show was the best of the 3 Ryan Star shows I've seen.  Here's one of the 100+ photos th…

Weener, Weener Punkin' Eater

Weener, weener punkin' eater...

The winner of my giveaway is.........Debbie!  Yea Debbie. 

sorry debbie~  I was a little slow this week in getting the gift code for your $45, so as soon as I get it, I'll e-mail it on to you.

Thanks for entering everyone!  Sorry if you didn't win.  I'm hearing smack from some friends who haven't won yet.  As I say though, you've got heck of a lot better odds of winning here than on Pioneer Woman's site :)  I have a "gift" that I'm going to be giving to everyone next week, so stay tuned y'all!


I'm off to Canton Trade Days today.  Oh by the way, I won free parking passes for Canton!  I didn't even enter!  I mean, I've entered in the past, but not this month and I won anyway.  That's on the heels of winning my Ryan Star tickets.  Don't think I didn't venture out and buy a couple of Lotto tickets today! 

Anyway, I've got Christmas on the brain since this is my "Christmas Trip" to Canton.  I've virtually moved on from Halloween, but I realized that I needed to stop and show you the treats that I prepared for some special trick-or-treaters.

You see, I've got friends, and then I've got a passel of little friends.  All my little friends actually came from my friends, but I guess that is the way it works...or well, let's face it, it would just be plain weird.  My little friends seem to multiply from Halloween to Halloween, but nonetheless, they still all get treats.

These are some of the treats that I prepared for them all this…

Fall Gardening

There is gardening, and then there is gardening in Texas which is a whole other ball of wax.  When gardening in Texas, you are going to get a short sliver of time in the spring when the weather is nice and your plants will flourish.  Then it gets H-O-T!  Hot as you know where.  So hot that when kids vandalize your house, the eggs will start to bake on your driveway when you don't get a second to clean it off until 10 a.m. when you get done at the courthouse. 

When it is that darn hot, your plants start to look like you are trying to grow them in the oven.  And really, you can't blame them.  Then in September and October, the temperatures go down a bit and it is in the upper 70's on a cool day and can reach lower 90's on warmer days, and your plants start to show some semblance of life again.

Remember those Perilla Magillas that I planted back toward the end of July when my butterfly impatients gave up all will to live?  They've gone CRAZY!

I planted some mums a few…

A Change in Plans

I was in the process of writing a blog post about my Fall gardening, but while in the middle of typing, I saw an e-mail pop up in my inbox that changed my blogging plans for the day.

Let me back-up...

Remember last week when I was contemplating whether to go see my guy, Ryan Star in concert on Friday night?  And remember that I was up in the air because I wasn't sure what time the football game was going to be scheduled for on Saturday?  Well, our game got set at 2:30, so I won't have to leave my house until 7:30 on Saturday morning.  Based on that, I decided that I didn't want to miss Ryan when he was 30 minutes from my house, so I would undertake my kamikaze plans of staying up late for the show and getting up early to travel to the game.  Even better, my friend Abby's sister, Emily volunteered to go with me (isn't she the best?).

I hadn't ordered our tickets yet because there wasn't really a rush, and well, let's be honest, I was waiting on payday.  …

Monday Giveaway

Because it's Monday... Because I've received more than my fair share of gifts this weekend...  I am hosting another giveaway thanks to CSN!  I'm giving away another $45 gift code.  It's your choice whether you buy kitchen bar stools, pet gear, or shoes like my last giveaway winner.

Here are the rules: To enter, simply comment and tell me what is on your Christmas wish list.

Enter by 11:59 p.m. (CST) on Thursday, October 28th.  Winners will be announced on Friday.  Entries will be assigned the number according to the order of their comment.  The winning number will be selected by Random.Org

Good Luck!

B-day Activities

Yesterday afternoon Jennifer and I didn't do a lick of work in honor of my birthday.  Instead, we headed 15 miles north to the little town of Van Alstyn.  First we went to a Bed & Breakfast, called the Durning House, for lunch at their tea room.  It didn't quite meet my expectations, but it was good enough.  We got the sampler platter which included their two specials of the day (Chicken Divan and Pasta salad) along with spinach salad.

The part about our stop at the Durning House that caused me the most excitement was seeing these leaves because they are the first real fall leaves I've seen.
After lunch, we located the real reason for our journey to Van Alstyn, Summit Mercantile.

It's an awesome antique store.  A true antique store like you see the designers visit on HGTV's "Sarah's House" or other shows, not a "let's rent out booths and people can fill it with their garage sale crap" like you tend to see around here.  They have wonder…

It's A Birthday Party!

Since today is the day that I'm turning 34 (ugh!), I've decided that I'm throwing a birthday party.  Put down your keys...I'm not talking about a real live, you show up to my door birthday party, but a blog birthday party.

I really think that my favorite aspect to any party is actually the planning, so this blog party thing is really the perfect situation for me.  You see, I get to pick out invitations, cakes, etc., but I don't have to (1) pay for it, (2) clean my house for company, (3) do party food prep, or (4) clean up all the mess after the party.

So Welcome to my imaginary birthday party...

You would be receiving one of these two invitations (with the appropriate message of course)
or It's a given that I will be serving cupcakes to go along with the Peace, Love, Cupcakes theme, but I think I'd also like to have a big cake.
It would look something like this... But it will need a little tweaking.  I'm not a one-brand gal anymore, so the products will need…