Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Afternoon Movie Time

I went to see a movie this afternoon. While I still desperately want to see "The Fighter", I decided that I really needed to see some lighter fare, so I saw "No Strings Attached".  I have no doubt I would have thought "The Fighter" to be a better movie, but in my odd-ball life that I lead, some weeks I've just had enough of the drugs & crime in real life to go see a movie about it too.  Usually I compartmentalize really well, but at this week's end, I just wanted to laugh.

While it's not going at the top of my favorite Rom-Com movie list, I thought it was cute enough.

Happy Weekend!


Abby said...

Brian and I went to the movies yesterday, I wanted to see No Strings Attached, it didn't show until 12:01 am, so clearly we didn't see it!

Hopefully it provided you with some laughs! We saw the Delima, it wasn't theatrical genius, but we enjoyed it none the less.


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