Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'd blissfully forgotten...

I'd blissfully forgotten that the Academy Awards had upped the number of nominated films from 5 to 10.  While I was laying in bed two nights ago I was thinking about the Academy Award nominations (because really, who isn't thinking about that as they drift off to sleep, right?), when I remembered that they had increased it.  I hate it.  I could always strive to see 5 films, but 10, forget it. 

Let's look at this year's list and my progress:

The King's Speech ~ seen it.  love it.  am obsessed with it.  think it will take the award.
The Social Network ~ seen it.  liked it.  shouldn't have won best pic at globes.
The Kids Are Alright ~ seen it.  thought it was, well, alright.
Toy Story 3 ~ haven't seen 1 or 2, so likely won't see 3 before awards
True Grit ~ haven't seen it.  probably won't until Netflix delivers it to my door.
Inception ~ high up on my Netflix queue, but I honestly have no desire to see it
Winter's Bone ~ know nothing about it, but have added it to high position in Netflix queue
127 Hours~ haven't seen it.  won't see it.
The Fighter ~ will likely see it at theatre before awards are handed out.
Black Swan ~ no real desire to see it.  will probably wait on Netflix

Have y'all seen any of the nominated films?


Scrappy Girl said...

We loved Toy Story 3. I want to see The Social Network. My hubby will probably make me sit through True Grit. Other than that I don't normally like the nominated films.

Abby said...

I have actually seen one of the movies...clearly Toy Story 3 is the one we saw. Brian watched Inception, the two minutes I watched assured me that I would hate it! If you want to borrow our toy store 3 you can (we have 1 and 2 as well)

The Ffrench's said...

I have seen Toy Story 3 about 85 times...have no idea why ?? Saw Black Swan and I gave you my review on that ... it's pretty wack. I have seen Inception and it was an interesting story I thought but wack as well.

Ann said...

I have seen (and own) Toy Story 3. It is darling!! You would really like it. Saw The King's Speech last weekend and LOVED it!! So wonderful. I doubt I will see any of the others or that I will watch the Oscars. Sad, I know.


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