Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting over Lazy

I think I've been bitten by the lazy bug.  Or we have the sleeping disease here at our house.  Or I just need a swift kick in the pants!  Any way you put it, I need to get it in gear.  I was too lazy this weekend and just watched movies and snuggled with Lola.  That's great, but it doesn't organize the pile of crap from your childhood that your mom sent to your house.  It doesn't get the laundry done.  It doesn't run your errands.  So as I said, I need a good swift kick in the pants and need to get into action.

Last night was the first night back at school this semester.  I'm sad it started because I loved my free nights.  I'm glad it started back because, well let's face it, I don't get paid if I'm not teaching!  I already am beyond annoyed at a student.  Can you believe it?  In one night?  Well, it all started out when he sent me an e-mail a while back telling me that he had taken the liberty of re-formatting my syllabus so that it made more sense.  Yep, I'll pause while you process that.  Good first impression right?  Telling your professor that they are basically an idiot.  Well, turns out annoying via e-mail equates into annoying in person!  I don't have class tonight, but tomorrow night is my KILLER night.  Two classes, one from 5:30-6:45 and the other from 7:00-9:50.  Then next week, I'll have all three of my classes (since Monday's was a holiday this week).

Lola left out of here for the Paw Spa this morning.  She looked like a pound puppy and was in need of a trip to the groomers!  She was so excited to go that she didn't eat her breakfast and stood by the door until it was time to go. 

As I said, today I hope to get it in gear.  One thing I need to do is go to Bath & Body Works and buy some hand soap, as I'm running dangerously low.  I was excited to see an e-mail from BBW this morning with a sale on soap and new scents that might pass my picky smell test...

Hope you are having a good week!

P.S. I think some people thought I was sick since I mentioned in my last post that blowing my nose this weekend was about the extent of any activities that I did.  I have allergies 365 days a year, so I blow my nose a lot.  It's not abnormal (well for me anyway, it probably is abnormal for "normal" peeps).  Just wanted to clarify that I wasn't sick.  I know so many bloggers who are actually sick right now, that I felt bad for the get well wishes I got when they really need them.  Get well soon Sam & Amanda!

P.P.S. Based on my kleenex usage, I would recommend Proctor & Gable stock if you're looking for a tip ('cause I use Puffs instead of Kleenex).


Amanda said...

I can't believe your student said that! What an idiot! If it were me, I would totally get some sort of revenge on him! Ha! Maybe I'm mean...

Glad you're not sick, it's no fun!

The Ffrench's said...

Wow what a jerkus that student is !!

Abby said...

One day he will grow up and annoy the hell out of all of his law school class mates too! I can think of three, scratch that six people off the top of my head that were in my section that would have done that.

I also use a disporportionate amount of Klenex (and I also only use Puffs). It was better when I took allergy shots, but I think the cost equation is the same, Kleenex (Puffs) are pretty cheap-shots not so much!


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