Thursday, February 24, 2011

Joining the 21st Century

This week I decided to join the 21st Century and get a new flat screen HDTV! 

I've been in the market for one for over 2 years.  While I haven't had the benefit of a cool tv for that time period, the wait has allowed me to watch prices virtually plummet, comparatively speaking, and new things come onto the market. 

I would like to claim that I rushed out and bought one before my version of the super bowl, The Oscars and the red carpet reports that go along with the show, but that wasn't the case.  Also, the once every decade or so, royal wedding is coming up, but that wasn't the reason either.  There were several factors that finally made now the right time, but the two biggies were that (1) I now have a tv stand that will support a new tv and (2) I saw a pretty good sale on them at Best Buy.

So I got a new 46 inch Samsung.  I picked it up on Tuesday, but had to wait for some assistance to move the old one, etc.  It's going now, I'm loving it.  I'm just so sad I have to go to a marathon night at school instead of watching my shows in HD! 
Oh, and I also got two new pairs fo shoes today.  I had been wanting some new pewter shoes, so I got some of those.  I also had to replace my go-to black flats that I blew out on Tuesday night.
Oh, if you live the the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and know anyone who wants to buy my old tv for cheap, let me know!


Ann said...

So happy for your TV purchase!! Very exciting. Does it make me a dork that I'm so excited about the royal wedding that I can barely stand it? Can't Wait!!

Love your shoes too. Cute!

Debralyn said...

Can you give me the shoe item/style #s? They are so cute!


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