Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Three's Company

For the next few days, Lola & I have company.  The Millie Monster is visiting! 
Millie is so petite compared to Lola.
She is a sweet pup and her eyes make her look like a cartoon dog.

But if she were a human, she would see a counselor weekly and take anti-anxiety drugs.

She's a total nutcase.

She's afraid of:
~bubble gum
~the radio changing from one song to the next
~Dad's laptop
~certain people (she has a list of people she doesn't like)
~all sorts of noises
~cough drops

I'm certain I'm leaving about a zillion things off that list that she really is freaked out by.  Before getting her this go around, I was informed that she is now apparently frightened by people eating because she runs outside during dinner every night and refuses to come inside until they are done.  Is it the food?  The plates?  The forks & knives?  Who knows! 
She's nuts, but we lover her.


Mom said...

Sweet Milly I miss you already! I hate my house without you, it's way too quiet! Have fun with Lola and be good to Kara. Love ya lots!

Emily said...

Maybe Lola can teach her to chill a little. But if you ask me....I too hate when people SCRAPE their TEETH on their FORK!!! Ask my sister...many a kicks did she get for this!

The Ffrench's said...

When I was reading this and you were listing all the things Milly is afraid of all I could think about was the dog from Gilmore Girls !!


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