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Arizona Vacation Post #5

Day 6~

Thursday morning started early.  If you will recall, I had spent the night in Page, AZ.  I had an early morning tour of Antelope Canyon.  Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon.  Slot canyons are canyons that are created by flash floods.  Antelope Canyon is on a Navajo reservation, so I had book a trip with a Navajo group. 

It did not begin at all like I expected...on a monster truck! 
Turns out monster trucks are a necessity because of all the sand you have to drive through.  It was a bit more adventure than I bargain for.  Riding down the highway at 60 mph in the back of a monster truck when the temps are in the 40's is a wee bit chilly!
As I mentioned, these canyons are carved out by flash floods.  So I had read that if there is even a chance of rain, they won't let you go.  They are even more cautious now because 11 photographers died there in 1997 when they got caught in the rain.  Now if you'll notice in the above pic, the sky was super cloudy.  It had already raine…

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  Hope you are all enjoying the unofficial kick-off to summer.

I think I need to have my head examined, because I came to my parents' to paint this weekend.  When I was here last weekend, I was underwhelmed by the progress my mom had been making in the painting department.  I thought about it and decided that I needed to take matters into my own hands.  So on Friday, after I was done with work, I came up to paint all weekend. 

My parents are out of town this weekend, so it's just Lola and me.  I have pretty much painted the whole darn time with the exception of 30 minutes yesterday when I took a pool break.  I painted the utility room, my bedroom, and some trim in various places all over the house.

They are in the middle of a MAJOR remodel.  Both bathrooms are being overhauled.  They started in April and my Dad's bathroom (& mine) is finally finished, but currently my Mom's is a shell of a walls, no ceiling, nothing (well than…

Arizona Vacation Post #4

Day 5~

I woke up early on Wednesday morning because I was heading North on a road trip.  I loaded up the car with an overnight bag and headed out by about 7:30 that morning.  I drove the 30 some-odd miles to Flagstaff on the most winding road you can imagine in the rain.  Yes, I said rain.  I know...It never rains in Arizona!  And let me tell you, rain was not a welcomed sight considering what I had planned for the day.

Once I got into Flagstaff, the said rain turned to sleet.  Then said sleet turned to snow.  Now this girl loves her some snow, but snow was also not a welcomed sight considering plans.

I continued north in Arizona to Page.  Finally once I got to Page, the rain tapered off and I made my way to the Glen Canyon Dam & Lake Powell.  There is a visitors center there, but I didn't bother with that.  I was on a tight schedule and I wanted to see several things before I had to be somewhere.  I walked out over the bridge and took some photos.

Here is the Dam holding back…