Thursday, June 2, 2011

Berries and Cherries and Random Stuff


I'm not a fan of many different scents.  I probably have mentioned that before.  That being said, I'm obsessed with a Bath & Body Works hand soap!  It's one of their "Patriotic Scents" and it is called Blueberry Pancake...

I'm totally loving it.  They have these Patriotic Hand Soaps for $3 too, so it's a pretty sweet deal.  I do think that the Apple Pie scented ones are cuter looking (plus I like the Red better), but I personally didn't like the scent as well.


I'm LOVE Ranier Cherries.  They are kinda expensive, but I bought 2 pounds today at Sam's Club.  I decided to splurge because they are only available such a short period of time each summer.  I got into a conversation with the check-out girl about them.  Here's the conversation:

Her:  "Are those good?"
Me:  I think so.
Her:  Do they have a seed inside?
Me: Yes
Her: I don't like the ones that have seeds.
Me:  I think all cherries have seeds.
Her:  says nothing, but has perplexed look on her face.

Other Stuff~

(1) I've become super forgetful.  I had this conversation with my friend Suzanna today:

Suz:  Didn't you get some cupcakes recently from Gigi's?
Me:  No, never heard of it.
Suz:  You sure?
Me:  I think so.
Suz:  I thought Kati got you some from there.
Me:  No that was Nothing Bundt Cakes.
Suz:  No recently.  I thought I read about them on your blog.
Me:  Ohhhhh!  Right.  I think that was the place.  Is it on Lover's and Inwood? 
Suz:  Yes.
Me:  YES!  That was my new favorite cupcake place, but I had totally forgotten about them.
Suz:  Good think you blog about these things so I can remind you about them.

(2) I currently have 4 suitcases/bags out in my bedroom and bathroom.  I need to get with it and put this stuff away!

(3) I also need to go to the grocery store.  I would estimate that I haven't been in a month because I've been gone so much.  I just haven't been able to get the energy to go.  I will have to go tomorrow.  The good side of this situation has been that I have eaten my surplus of Lean Cuisines in my freezer.

(4) I think I'm loving the new Bravo show, "Million Dollar Decorators".  It was on Monday night.  Crazy how much money people spend!

(5) First I succumbed to the leggings fad.  Now, I've embraced the Maxi Dress.  Tonight I procured 2  maxi dresses.
They were on sale at Belk and I used a friend's 15% off coupon, so I got them for $18.50 each!


Amanda said...

Love those cherries, too, love Gigi's, and love those dresses! :)


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