Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some Perks

Today is my take advantage of what few perks I get in life day.

Perk #1- Nordstrom Pre-Sale.  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale begins tomorrow, but card holders could take advantage of the pre-sale beginning July 3rd.  I had wanted to wait until pay day mid-July before purchasing, because the Nordstrom card I have is not a credit card, but it debits from my bank account (see Perk #2). 

Today I called and placed my order over the phone and the items will be waiting for me to pick them up tomorrow (except for a couple that were ordered and will ship to me).  I really just ordered the stuff that I knew I wanted for sure, or that I knew what size I needed.  I will go browse tomorrow for a few more possibilities.  Many of the items I ordered were my Mom doing early Christmas shopping for me. 

Perk #2- Because I write my own  paychecks, pay day was the 14th of this month instead of the 15th so that I could do my Pre-Sale shopping! 

Some of my Christmas Presents:

These Ugg "Ansley" Moccasins are almost just like a pair that I already own, but have worn smooth out!  The ones I currently have, have the stupid tie thingy that constantly comes untied, so I think these will be the most perfect house shoes ever to be purchased in the history of mankind!  Mine will be Chocolate instead of black.  My feet are anxiously waiting to unwrap these babies at Christmas (and for the temperature to be cool enough to wear them!).

I also ordered this Barefoot Dreams wrap.  They are sold out in stores from the pre-sale, so it is being shipped and sadly I cannot try it in.  The sales lady tried to talk me into ordering a S/M instead of a L/XL, but I assured her that, not even in some bizarre alternate universe, do I need a S/M for anything involving my top half!  She did tell me that she insisted in sending it to one customer who kept assuring her that she didn't want it.  The lady apparently loved it so much that she called and ordered 7 more for Christmas gifts.  Here's hoping I love it when it comes in too! 

So, Happy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to everyone!  It is one of my favorite holidays afterall!



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