Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Busy Week

Sorry I haven't posted one dang fun thing this week.  Here's what's been going on:

(1) On Tuesday, I had an "open plea".  What this means is that my client wanted to plead guilty, but we couldn't reach a plea agreement with the state.  This was a felony case, and my client was currently on parole and had been convicted many many times in the past, so the DA only wanted to offer time in prison.  As you can imagine, my client didn't like that idea too much, so we went open to the judge, which meant that the judge could sentence him to probation, or anywhere within the punishment range which was 180 days to 2 years in prison. 

So we did a mini-trial on Tuesday and I got my guy 18 months probation!  Seriously, that's less time than many misdemeanors get.  Woot!  Score one for our firm!

(2) On Tuesday night, I found out that Adele cancelled her US tour so no birthday concert for me.  Boo!

(3) On  Wednesday morning, we went to Dallas to start a trial.  It is a 2+ year old case.  Driving While Intoxicated with some unusual issues...accident, witness accused my client of fleeing (he didn't), & complaining witness holding my client at gunpoint until the cops arrived.  Oh yeah, and one other tiny little detail...the complaining witnesses have filed a civil suit seeking half a million from my client.  So there was a bit of stress involved, but we finished it up today and we got a Not Guilty from the jury!  Woo-Hoo!  Score another one for our firm! 

So that's been my week.  Busy busy busy.  I am exhausted, but still have a busy day tomorrow.  I'm always amazed how much a trial zaps me.  It zaps my mind.  It zaps my body.  I have trouble sleeping because I'm crafting a closing argument in my mind.  Seriously, right now my body HURTS!  Crazy that doing something that in no way involves manual labor can make you hurt.  Must be all the stress and tension from a couple of days.

So I'm leaving you with this (thanks to Sam!)... check out the definition of your name on Urban Dictionary.  It's a total crack up!  There were a couple of definitions that I'm not going to reprint, but here's one:

Kara:  perfection. flawless and beautiful, wonderful and kind, funny and lovable, and completely undeniable

(if only!!!)


Rebeka said...

I give you so many props for "winning" your mini-trial. That's awesome! I would be so nervous all the time if I went to court on a regular basis. It's so much work, and closing are SO hard! So so many props to you and your busy week!

Abby said...

Ok when we talked today you said you were exhausted but didn't mention you won your trial!! Whoop!! Aewsome. I think probably standing on your feet + tension =body aching! You win major lawyer points this week! Take next week off and visit me!

Emily said...

Whoopie for you getting the probation...AND winning the mini-trial. SO proud of you. I think you definitely deserve some shopping time, and some veggin' out time this weekend :) Cheers!

Mom said...

Congratulations! Great job. Come home this weekend and I'll cook & wait on you.

JEF said...

Congrats on your firm successes this week :)

Ann said...

Great job!! So glad you had a successful week- and that you're coming to see me next weekend!

Samantha said...

Hooray for kicking butt in the court room! Isn't the Urban Dictionary fun?


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