Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Fail and Grammys wrap-up

I'm a complete Valentine's Day failure this year.  I did not even decorate.  Let me repeat.  I DID NOT EVEN DECORATE!  All I did was put out a garden flag and the wreath I made for the front door.  Oh well, I can only hope to do better for Easter!

Now, for a Grammy's wrap-up.  I thought the show was pretty good...  I enjoyed the kick-off with The  Boss.  The Beach Boys reunion was fun, along with Maroon 5 and Foster the People.  I thought Bruno Mars was super cute.  I loved the Glenn Campbell tribute.  It was great to see Adele's voice is back.  The Foo Fighters rocked it. 

I thought the show kind of started to go off the rails toward the end, but was happy that they pulled it back together with the jam session on stage with Sir Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Joe Walsh, The Boss, et al.

I was happy that my two favorite albums from 2011 did so well... Adele's "21" and Foo Fighter's "Wasting Light".  Foo won everything they were up for, except the one where they were competeing with Adele.  They were funny on the red carpet and said they pretty much knew they weren't winning that one because they were up against "Adele and one of the greatest albums ever".  I was a little sad for them though.  They recorded Wasting Light in Dave's garage totally old school.  Not digital.  On tape.  That means, no correction abilities.  Love them!

Anyway, Adele looked so pretty and racked up the awards...

Did y'all watch?  What was your favorite moment of the night?


JEF said...

I loved watching Adele sing. I think she sounds even better after her surgery. True mark of an artist is one that can sing just as well live as in studio. So many of these artists fail at singing live... i.e. crazy Nicki Minaj...ugh.


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