Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I continue my love affair with the Twitter.  I love to tweet events.  Here's my debate twitter feed from last night...

I've also been super enthused to be Retweeted TWICE in the past few days by none other than Emily Giffin.  She's one of my favorite authors.  The first was a reply I sent to a question she sent out about "How many people have or know a dog named Molly, Sadie, Sophie.... and Lola".  Of course I sent her a pic of my Lola and she retweeted it!

Last night, Emily tweeted about missing Tim Russert.  I agreed and she retweeted me then too!

Twitter is so much fun.  The interaction with people you know, people you don't, and even celebrities is super!


Legally Lovely said...

Thanks for the comment about bar prep! It got published to my last blog post, but I got the email and appreciate it! I will probably end up going with BarBri since I've already locked in my price. Sounds like the classroom might provide some more structure, which will help. Thanks for the input!

Also, isn't Twitter the best? I always get so, so excited when somebody awesome RTs or responds to me.


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