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Sugar Overload

Have you seen what is going on?  Today Jennifer and I were in Target and were shocked to see these giant candy bars...

I mean, seriously?  They are huge!

They also had these sheets of Rice Krispie treats, which are really just a massive 2 pound bar...

I guess you could cut out cute shapes with cookie cutters or something fun with them.

Then we went to Kohl's, and they too had ginormous candy!

Good grief!

The Day I Lost My Mind

I've never been a black friday early morning shopper.  Door Busters were never my cup of tea.  Partly because growing up at least an hour from anything, getting to a store at dark thirty just wasn't anything we were going to do.  Since moving to a place where stores are closer, I still haven't gotten up for the chaos.  Mostly because my alarm goes off and I decide that sleep is better than crowds and deals.

Yesterday, things started opening in the evening.  I had bought a gift for someone last week at Target, and Target was now offering a $20 gift card if you bought the said item.  So I decided that "I'd just run right out and buy another one".  Ha ha ha ha!

Luckily, Jennifer and her sister had decided to hit up Toys R Us at 8:00 only to never make it inside.  They abandoned that ship and went and got in line at Target.  When I got there, I cut in line with them. 

Let me describe the scene (if you are familiar with Super Target's this will help).  If you…

A Celebration of Thanksgiving

It's about the pie.  It's about the turkey.  It's about the sweet potatoes.  It's about a quick transition to the holiday sales on black Friday (or rather, Thursday night this year).

But it isn't.  At Christmas we always hear, "Remember the reason for the season.", but do we remember the reason... for thanksgiving? 

I don't write about religion on the old blog (or anywhere else for that matter), but the other day I read something on another blog that really just stuck in my craw.  I've complained about it to my mom and I've tried to move on.  Obviously that hasn't worked, so now I'm blogging about it.  What I read was a girl talking about how much she loved Thanksgiving (nothing objectionable there).  She said that she loved it so much because (here it comes) it's a holiday that has NOTHING to do with religion.

I cannot wrap my mind around that thought.  The purpose of the holiday is to be thankful.  I do not know any friends or f…

First World Problems

You know, when it comes down to it, most of our problems really are First World Problems.  I tackled one of my first world problems this week.  It's one that I've been needing to tackle for some months (or more likely, years).  Let me back up...

Way back in the spring, I had a real nagging need to clean out my dang closet.  It was overwhelming.  I kind of thought I needed help, both physically and emotionally.  The problem was, my friends who live close were all moving, and it was never the good time to say, "Hey could you come help me de-clutter my closet?".  So instead, I packed up about 3 trash bags full of clothes and hauled them off to the Goodwill. 

Now cut to Monday morning...  I walked into my closet, couldn't find a dang thing to wear, and felt the weight of the clutter weighing down on me.  I had to go to court to take care of something first thing, then I had to go back to court for some 1:00 hearings that Jennifer was suppose to be doing but was unab…

Christmas finds

It's been busy busy busy around here.  Last week my mom came in on Thursday.  We went down to Dallas to see my cousin Gracie in her starring role as Laurie in "Oklahoma".  It was her 13th birthday too!  Lord, where have those 13 years gone?!?

On Friday, we went to Canton to the Trade Days.  It was a total fiasco.  I've never seen so many people.  I don't do well with crowds.  That's why I start Christmas shopping months in advance.  Mom decided to stay Friday night too, because she had some craft projects she had volunteered me to do... two more Tech wreaths!  Saturday morning, we did a bit more running around.  It was in this trip of errands that I encountered this vintage looking Frosty.  Frosty had to come home with me!

I love him so much!  My great-grandmother had tons of these plastic Christmas yard art down in her cellar.  I was constantly trying to get everyone to let me pull it out when I was little.  I never had success.  When I saw this guy, I knew …

Don't lose interest

It happens.  A storm blows in and destroys people's way of life.  We see the terrible photos.  We feel horrible for them.  Then the media moves on, especially when there is a Presidential Election to cover.  Those of us who were not impacted by the storm tend to also move on.  But those poor people, fellow Americans, living in areas of New York and New Jersey have not been able to move on.  They are stuck with their circumstances, and on top of that, their circumstances just got worse when a Nor'easter hit yesterday.

There are plenty of places you can donate.  I donated to the American Red Cross.  You can do it through texts.  Text "Donate" to 90999.  I did it through itunes even.

I ran across another relief effort that I supported, and I wanted to post that information too.  A wedding registry has been set up on Amazon.  The supplies go to The Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew in Brooklyn, NY. 

I heard about this registry on Twitter, via Anson Mount, the hunky, ta…