Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Decorations {Living Room}

Because I put out too many decorations, I have to break this down into about 5 or 6 different posts, or it would be complete photo overload. Today, I'm posting about my Living Room Decorations.  Not a ton has changed, but here are my living room decorations...

My living room tree is a 9 footer.  I got the tree at Sam's Club a couple of years ago.
I like the tree.  It's branches are full and it's slimmer so it doesn't take up a ton of room.  However, I've always been disappointed in the lights.  It's not bright enough in my opinion, so I added an extra 400 lights.  I think that greatly improves it. 
It contains all my Old World Christmas, Radko, and similar blown glass ornaments.  This year, I was offered 13 strands of blown glass garland (for free) from my uncle who was ditching them.  I snapped them up and think they look great.

This garland on my mantle was the first thing I put up this year.  It has been living in my head for a year.  It took me 7 hours to build it, but I love it.
I'll post later about how I did it.  I just want to add that I think it looks much better in person.  My Mom finally saw it last week and she thought it looked bigger in person.  Maybe that is it.
The coffee table is pretty much the same as always.  I was going to buy a red candle...yeah, that still hasn't happened!  I did switch out an orange piece of glass art with the red candle holder.
I also switched out my coffee table books with some Christmas books.
A couple of Santas on the end table.
A nativity.
A final look at my tree.
After I got the mantle done, I realized that the bow topper I had been using for several years was going to look odd.  I whipped this one up to match the mantle.
A last (and different) shot of my favorite living room decoration...
Lola hanging out in front of the tree!


Emily said...

Your decorations are STUNNING. I am so excited for the garland tutorial--it looks amazing!!! Can't wait to see the other rooms =D

Legally Lovely said...

I am obsessed with your Radko tree. We have some Radko and some of my grandma's old glass ornaments and I just love how they sparkle. I bet your tree is even more stunning in person!

Ann said...

I always feel good about my decorations until I see yours. Amazing!! Everything looks fabtastic!! Next year, I want you to come help me decorate!!


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