Monday, December 3, 2012

My Favorite Things 2012

I had planned to do a favorite things 2012 list again.  Then something else got my attention and the list changed a bit.  Let me explain...

How often have you said, or you have heard someone say, "The economy is terrible.  The jobless rate is awful.  When are the politicians going to do something to fix it?" or something similar to that?  I imagine everyone is raising their hand right about now.  Well let me ask you this... What have you done to change or fix things?  Many times we sit around and wait for someone else to fix things, when there is plenty that we could do to help matters.

ABC News runs a "Made in America" piece quite often.  If we all made a conscious effort to purchase more Made in America goods, we could do a whole lot to help the economy and create more jobs for fellow Americans.  Did you know that if we all spent just $64 on Made in American goods this holiday season we could create 200,000 new jobs right here at home?  So I have changed my favorite things list to include only Made in America goods.  They are all things, for the most part, that I really do love.  Some are even things I had planned to put on my list anyway.  So let's get started...

Emi Jay hair ties and headbands
These are fabulous!  They were going to be on my favorite things list this year before I planned the made in the USA theme.  While they are made of imported fabrics, they are all actually produced here in the USA.  Not only do they look great (even if you wear it on your wrist until you are ready for a tie), they do a great job of holding your hair and not slipping.  Best of all, they do not put that rubber band crease in your hair.  You can pull your hair back for hours and when you take it out, you don't have that "my hair has been in a pony tail look".  Just greatness!

Rosebud Perfume Co.
I love the Strawberry and literally use it every single night of the year before I go to sleep.  I also have a spare that I carry in my purse.  It's just the best, and all made right here in the good ol' US of A.  You can find these at several locations, but Sephora always has them.

This product is really great whether you are using it on your hands or your feet.  It comes in several yummy smelling scents and in several sizes.
Tervis Tumblers
It's quite possible these have made my list before.  I know I did a give-away a few years ago at the least.  I still love them.  I just got a new one for my birthday (Tech one shown) and I don't think I can get enough of them!  They keep cold things cold and hot things hot.  They come in different sizes and a zillion different patterns.  They have their own website or you can get them at Bed Bath & Beyond (use their coupons and get them for a great deal too!).  Best of all, they are a great product produced by American workers.
For the Kids, I've got a couple of suggestions...

Melissa & Doug
These seem to be great sturdy toys that kids love.  I love that they all seem to force kids to use their imagination.  They have a website, are on Amazon, in Barnes and Noble, and sometimes you can even find them at a great price at TJ Maxx and Homegoods. (updated:  I'm hearing that not all of their products are made in the usa, so I'm guessing you have to look on individual toys)
Nokona Gloves
Not only are Nokona gloves Made in America, but they are made in my hometown of Nocona, Texas.  These are the best gloves, so if you have a baseball or softball player in the family, check them out...
Even if you have a little one who is too small to play, they have a my first glove that they can monogram with name and date of birth (super cute baby gift!)...
See's Candies
These always taste great, and are a good gift for the hard to buy for on your list.  You can order online, but they also have stores across the country and many pop up kiosks in malls this time of year.  I can attest that their Nuts & Chews box is a real winner if you are having trouble deciding.  Though it's too early to go here, I am...they have fabulous Easter candy too!

Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma is a great place to shop for the cook or baker on your list.  I have discovered that their website always tells you where the product is made.  Here are some of my favorite items which are all made here in the USA

Their Goldtouch bakeware is THE BEST.  I love my cookie sheets.  Also microplane products are great.  All of the blades Microplane seems to use are made in the USA, but some of them are put together in Mexico.  I have already purchased that Herb Mill for a friend this year and requested one from Santa as well!


Kiehl's products never disappoint.  I've selected some of my favs here.  You can find them at stand alone stores, Neimans and Nordstrom.

Ooohhh!  The milk and honey products smell like heaven!

So this is my list for 2012 of my favorite things made in the USA.

I have already spent my $64 on products Made in America.  Will you please take the pledge as well?

Leave me a comment with your favorite Made in America products (I'd love to learn about more products that can help put Americans to work).


Betsy said...

I love soooo many of your items, and have made (and exceeded) the $64 pledge. I want to try the Emi-Jay hair-ties for sure!

Sadly, I am on the fence about Melissa & Doug children's items, because while they are headquartered in the USA, most of their products are manufactured in China.


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