Thursday, December 13, 2012

Twelve Twelve Twelve

How was your twelve twelve twelve? Mine was wonderful!

The morning started out with a Bang when the SAG award nominees were announced.  You know I LOVE the awards season.  It was wonderful to get it kicked off.  Now I need a kick in the pants to get out and hit the movies!

I gave my last final of the semester yesterday, which means I'm on a school break for approximately a month!

Texas Tech got a new head coach. In case you didn't know, our coach, Tommy Tuberville, had quit last week (good riddance I say!). We officially replaced him last night with Kliff Kingsbury and I could not be more excited about it if I tried!

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Lastly, there was the concert.  Did you watch?  Apparently me and 2 BILLION people did.  The 12/12/12 concert was put on to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  It was awesome.  And I say that with the caveat that the word awesome is totally overused, but wholly warranted in this instance.

Here is a run down of my favorite moments of the night:

Up first, you had Bruce Springsteen.  Then, he was joined by Jersey's other son, Jon Bon Jovi to sing "Born to Run".  I mean how did New Jersey not spontaneously combust at that very moment?  I almost did right here on my couch in Texas!  (P.S. Springsteen later joined Bon Jovi on "Who Says You Can't Go Home")
All concert photos from The Daily Mail with copyrights on photo (unless otherwise noted)

My next favorite was Eddie Vedder joining Roger Waters for a rendition of "Comfortably Numb".  Eddie Vedder killed it.  He was so good!
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Bon Jovi performed.  Let me say that Bon Jovi could come out and sing the phone book and I'd think they had hung the moon.  I've loved them since 3rd grade.  *sigh*  I've seen them live several times.  I feel so sorry for the kids of today who love the likes of Beiber and One Direction.  I don't believe those boys will stand the test of time like Bon Jovi.  Not only do they still sound great, but their oldies are just as good today as they were in the 80's, they continue to put out new hits, and still look great (Richie aside).  Last night Jon prompted a texting conversation between me and a friend over his, wait for it, turtleneck.  Man made a turtleneck look HOT!

Chris Martin of Cold Play came out for an acoustic version of "Viva La Vida" which was great, but then he was surprisingly joined by Michael Stipe (of REM, who came out of retirement for this) and sang "Losing My Religion".  Amazing!

My favorite non-musical performance moment of the night was when they showed that almost the entire cast of "The Sopranos" had reunited to take calls! 

My absolute "almost made me pee my pants I was so excited" favorite moment was at the tail end of the 6 hour (yes it was a LATE night) concert.  Sir Paul McCartney took to the stage.  No mellow Beatles toons for him.  No "Let it Be".  No "It's Been A Hard Days Night".  No!  Sir Paul was there to ROCK!  He started out with a great performance of "Helter Skelter", but what I was really waiting for was him to be joined by 3 guys from a band from the past... Nirvana. 

Dave Grohl had been tweeting teasers about it all day, so I knew it was coming.  Dave Grohl along with Pat Smear and Krist Novoselic joined Sir Paul and seriously Rocked a new single that is going to be on the soundtrack of Dave's new documentary "Sound City".  Sir Paul looked like he had a blast. Amazeballs!  (I've only watched this like 10 times today).

At the end of the concert, Sir Paul was joined by first responders and other Sandy Heros while Alicia Keys sang the last song of the night.  It was a wonderful end to the night.

There was some bad to the concert:

Roger Daltrey took his shirt off.  I know he looks good for his age, but I could have done without that.

Kanye West.  Really it was enough of a "bad" that he was there.  The fact that he performed like a gazillion songs was a real negative.  If Eddie Vedder only sings one, then we for sure "ain't got time for that!".  He also wore a leather skirt.  Ok, maybe it was a kilt.  But still...

Finally, the crowd.  This was the biggest bunch of duds I have ever seen at a concert.  I'm sure they all paid a ton of money to be there, but rockin' out they weren't. 

The real positive was that they raised a bunch of money.  More will come in too.  Itunes is slated to release a CD of the concert on Tuesday.  More details are to come, but you can check it out HERE.
If you want to donate, you can do that HERE



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