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Pre-Spring Cleaning

When I was little, my uncle Mark lived in Houston.  Every summer I went to visit him with my family.  The crew always consisted of me, my grandmother, my great-grandmother, and my great-grandfather.  Sometimes my mom made the trip too.  We always piled into my great-grandfather's most recent version of the Ford Crown Victoria and  headed south.

I remember that I would get to do really fun things like go to the beach in Galveston (without sunscreen), and go to restaurants where I could order Shirley Temples.  I know those don't seem like big exciting things now, but you couldn't do either one in Nocona, Texas, so I was in high cotton.

Another thing I remember about these trips was that my grandmother and great-grandmother ALWAYS cleaned out my uncle's refrigerator.  I guess because he was a boy, and a bachelor at the time, and we all know that boys are just gross.  But your refrigerator gets gross if you are a girl too, which brings me to the point of this post...

I hav…

Awards season wrap up

Yesterday was just a big awards day.  I watched the Independent Spirit Awards from Saturday.  I really love Independent films.  I usually don't make a "must see" list for the Independents, but always end up seeing a bunch of them anyway.  I was so happy that ISA gave lots of love to one of my favorite films of the year, Silver Linings Playbook

Of course, last night was all about watching and tweeting the Academy Awards.  Can someone please tell me how we ever watched these shows before twitter and texting was a part of our lives?  I honestly cannot remember! 

I was pretty pleased with how the awards shook out last night. I was over the moon that Jennifer Lawrence won Best Actress for Silver Linings Playbook.   I enjoyed the performances of Adele and the cast of Les Mis, and I was beyond thrilled that Argo took home the Oscar for Best Film.

You know, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon gave one of my favorite acceptance speeches of all time.  Do you remember it?  So much joy…

That's Entertainment...

I was so happy when I woke up this morning and saw the calendar reminder pop-up on my iphone screen saying it was "Oscar day".  Of course I have it in my calendar... duh!  Today is my favorite entertainment day of the year! 

But this post isn't all about the Oscars, it's about entertainment in general... TV, Music, Books, and Movies.  Four of my favorite things!

So Downton Abbey is over.  It's a long long wait until January of next year, when season 4 will come back to us.  That's a lot of television void to fill. 

I watch a lot of television.  Some of the shows I watch are ok.  Some I love.  You know how it is.  One of my "must watch immediately" shows is Scandal... 

Have you watched it?  If you haven't, start from the beginning.  I think it would be a very hard show to pick up right in the middle.  I am so addicted, it's not even funny.

Another show that I have enjoyed this season is Nashville...
Look, nobody is as surprised a…

Rude Awakening

I didn't exactly plan to get up at 4:30 a.m. today, but when my burglar alarm sounded, I was rudely and unpleasantly awakened.  The alarm system indicated a window breach, but I was never able to locate it.  Of course, I was convinced I was done for, but luckily, I think it was just a sensor gone bad. Lola doesn't usually sleep with me, but early this morning, she was my protector.  She came to bed with me (not like I actually slept much after that).  Normally when we lay in bed, she hangs out at the end of the bed, but not this morning.  This morning she was glued to my side.  She's such a good girl! This was my little guard dog this morning. I have had a busy day.  I haven't had a chance to nap, but I think that's good.  I probably need to be good and sleepy tonight so I don't fret about the burglar who was thwarted last night and is coming back to get me alarm malfunctioning again.  I reduced my stress with a little retail therapy this afternoon. Last year …

Louis deux

Well, I have added to the purse collection.  Let me introduce you to the new one that I'm calling Louis deux...
 It is the Neverfull Louis Vuitton.  This Louis isn't brand new.  It has a story... A local attorney, Mary, had it and carried it for a couple of months as her work bag.  I would see it at the courthouse and think it was nice.  My own work bag was just about worn smooth out, but I couldn't find one that I liked (or could afford).  One day last spring or early summer, I noticed Mary wasn't carrying the Neverfull, but had a different Louis.  I noticed this becoming a pattern, so one day I asked her if she was interested in selling her Neverfull.  Unfortunately, she had already sold it to her hair guy. Fast forward to yesterday, when Mary texted me and asked if I still was interested in the Neverfull.  Her hair guy had decided that it was just too girly and had only carried it twice, and now he wanted to sell it.  It was a great price, it's in great shape,…


Yesterday, my sweet Lola turned 8!  Her celebration actually began on Friday when Jennifer brought her a present... A new hedgehog! Here is the birthday girl yesterday She had several gifts to open I really love that this pup poses on command! First up... It's a cupcake! {at least a stuffed squeaky cupcake-the only kind she can have!} Next up, a gift from her grandparents... The final gift... Lola with her birthday loot!

Valentine Treats

I decided to do little gift packs of S'mores for my friends this year. I thought they turned out pretty cute   They were yummy too! (What?  I couldn't send them out without having a quality control taste test!) The biggest problem was that I didn't contemplate that so many friends live out of town! Not exactly easy mailing like a card, so I didn't get to give as many as I had planned in my mind. Lola got a squeaky pig for her Valentine's Day present. She always gets something super small for V-day because her birthday is in a couple of days. She also got a new bone and another toy from my parents this past weekend. Spoiled Puppy! Hope y'all got some sweet treats for Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day

Because I've been on a West Wing watching kick recently (really, when am I not on a West Wing kick?), I give you a Toby Ziegler valentine...

Happy Valentine's Day! P.S. Off to go give both of my classes exams.  I'm whatever the valentine's day equivalent to scrooge is!

Mardi Gras

I went to Mardi Gras this weekend!  No, I didn't get to go to New Orleans, but I ventured home to Nocona for their Mardi Gras celebration.  The town was all decked out and really in the spirit. I took Lisa with me...  This past year, the football team was very good, so they got to lead off the parade.  This was one of my favorites... Double decker and they were playing music (we decided that all floats needed to be playing music.  that greatly made them more enjoyable)  I also really enjoyed the alligators with the bead baskets 

Another double decker...   This one with an oil theme  The actual theme of the parade this year was suppose to be celebrating the town's Native American heritage

 We saw all these little cars lined up before the parade...  I loved this little one in her pink fur and pink car.  The slug bug, mud bug... Though I don't watch the show, I got the feeling this had something to do with "Duck Dynasty"