Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February Decorations

I intended to put up Valentine's Day decorations on February 1st, but as you know, I had the plague.  I had hoped that Friday was rock bottom, but wouldn't you know that Saturday would roll around and prove that wasn't the case.  Ugh!  I'm still sick, but not as bad.  I'm no longer medicating myself with the thought of "oh well, it will either heal me or kill me!".  I believe that I'm on the road to recovery.

So this evening, I decided to decorate.  I almost thought it was too far into February to be worth it, but then I decided maybe a little pink and red sprinkled around the house would make me feel better.

The Valentine Tree is out and decorated
You can see the backyard flag through the breakfast room window (& blinds)
The coffee table has pink, red, and lilac mason jars with votives inside
An end table with some cupid cheer
The mantle with a couple of valentine additions
Last year I made a cute ornament wreath for my front door.
Then it was 110 dang degrees all summer long
110 dang degrees and hot glue do not make a good combination.
I had intended to fix it, but then I got the plague,
so I just hung some wooden hearts on my door this year
and of course a front yard flag
And, that's all folks!
My Valentine decorations for 2013



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