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That's Entertainment...

I was so happy when I woke up this morning and saw the calendar reminder pop-up on my iphone screen saying it was "Oscar day".  Of course I have it in my calendar... duh!  Today is my favorite entertainment day of the year! 

But this post isn't all about the Oscars, it's about entertainment in general... TV, Music, Books, and Movies.  Four of my favorite things!


So Downton Abbey is over.  It's a long long wait until January of next year, when season 4 will come back to us.  That's a lot of television void to fill. 

I watch a lot of television.  Some of the shows I watch are ok.  Some I love.  You know how it is.  One of my "must watch immediately" shows is Scandal... 

Have you watched it?  If you haven't, start from the beginning.  I think it would be a very hard show to pick up right in the middle.  I am so addicted, it's not even funny.

Another show that I have enjoyed this season is Nashville...
Look, nobody is as surprised as I am.  But it's oddly addicting!  

I have started watching a new show on FX that started a couple of weeks ago called The Americans.  I'm not addicted to it yet, but it's very interesting.  It's set in the 1980's and is about Soviet spies who are living here in the U.S. 

Next Sunday, a new show is premiering on ABC that I plan to check out.  It's called Red Widow.  Here's the trailer...

Originally, I had planned to watch the first episode because Anson Mount plays the husband (who obviously gets killed in the 1st episode).  I love Anson Mount, but I've told you about that when I wrote this past summer about my love of AMC's Hell on Wheels (which thankfully is  about to start filming season 3).  I digress.  Anyway, I discovered that Goran Visnjic (Dr. Luka Kovac for the ER fans out there) is going to be a star on this show, so I think I will give it a shot.


I've update a list over on the right hand side of the blog that says what's on my playlist, but I'm currently enjoying:

The Lumineers (Ho Hey is more well known, but Stubborn Love is great too)
The Black Keys (I really like Lonely Boy, but love Little Black Submarines)
Bruno Mars (specifically Locked Out of Heaven.  I dare you to listen and not at least tap your foot!)
If you are suffering from Downton Abbey withdrawals already, then read "The American Heiress" by Daisy Goodwin.  It's about an American girl with tons of money who goes to England to buy a title.  She marries into the aristocracy, and has some trials and tribulations.  Her name is even Cora.
I came very close to my goal. I saw all the movies on my "must see" list except for Lincoln.  I blame a few factors for my failure: (1) a three week sickness, (2) I've been very busy with work, and (3) Lincoln was pulled from the theaters closest to my house.  It comes out on video in March, so I plan to see it on my Apple TV asap.
My top three movies this year, along with my thoughts about them are...
I thought Silver Linings Playbook was so very good.  I've heard it said that it is kind of a downer because it's about mental illness, but I disagree because I think it has an uplifting ending, a silver lining if you will.  The cast was the best ensemble of the year in my opinion (obviously SAG didn't agree, but that's okay).  It may be my favorite movie of the year.
Argo was great too.  So suspenseful.  It has been the darling of this awards season and I can certainly can see why.  I'm so upset Ben Affleck didn't get nominated for Best Director for a couple of reason: (1) He deserves it.  Not just the nomination, but the award, and  (2) By failing to nominate him, I think it calls the Oscars into question.  I mean, when the Globes, SAG, BAFTA, Producer's Guild, and Directors Guild all choose to acknowledge him as the best, and the Oscars fail to even nominate him, what the heck?  It kind of makes a farce out of the whole thing, and I don't want that.  I take the whole award season very seriously!
Zero Dark Thirty was a great movie too.  It also had a great cast.  I know that everyone who sees it already knows the ending, but I kind of spoiled it for myself because I read Bergen's book "Man Hunt: The hunt for Osama bin Laden".  Instead of just knowing the ending, I knew ALL the details, so lots of shocking twists and turns to most of the audience, just weren't there for me.

Now for my "I want to win"  & "who I think will win" portion of this post:
Want:  I want Bradley Cooper, but I think that is just because I haven't seen Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln yet.
Will:  Daniel Day Lewis for Lincoln
Want:  Jennifer Lawrence.  It's a very close race in my opinion between J-Law and Jessica Chastain.  The reason I give it J-Law is because of the character.  I think it takes more to play a person dealing with issues like her character was.  She really sold it.  Jessica Chastain gave a great performance as a determined and ballsy CIA agent, but I just don't think she had to really dig deep and "go  there" to convince the audience she was her character like J-Law did.
Will:  Jennifer Lawrence (although I'm hearing lots of chatter about the old lady from Amour and she did win the BAFTA).
Supporting Actor
Want:  Robert De Niro for Silver Linings (again, maybe because I haven't seen Lincoln yet)
Will:  Tommy Lee Jones for Lincoln (I've heard his performance almost stole the show)
Supporting Actress
Want:  I thought Anne Hathaway was great in les Mis, so probably her.  But I wouldn't be upset if Jackie Weaver from Silver Linings won.
Will:  Anne Hathaway

Want:  Well, I freaking want Ben Affleck to win, but since that's not possible, I'll just go all in for Silver Linings Playbook and say David O. Russell
Will:  Steven Speilberg

Want: either Silver Linings or Argo. I'm really split on this one. My heart says Silver Linings, my head says Argo.  But I will go with Argo.  What breaks the tie?  Well if Argo wins, George Clooney and Ben Affleck will take the stage to accept the award.  'Nuff said.

Will: Argo
I guess we will see how well I did on my predictions tomorrow!  Check out those albums, television shows, and book if you are looking for a little extra entertainment in  your life.


Emily said…
Okay, we watch all the same TV shows! I'm really excited about red widow. I do have to say that the americans has let me down slightly...Scandal and Nashville, have NOT. Happy Monday Kara. oxo

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