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Berry Baskets

I don't love summer.  Although, in it's defense, I might love summer if I didn't live where the daily weather forecaster describes the day as "oppressive".  But the one thing that saves summer for me is the produce you can buy (okay, two things...add snowcones to that list).  Berries are some of my favorite things to buy, and blackberries are one of my favorite foods in existence, so I was super excited to find these adorable berry baskets.

I've been wanting some from Anthropologie for a long time, but at $20 for the larger size and $14 for the smaller size, I just never could justify the purchase.  Then I got the Sur la Table catalog and saw that they had these cute baskets on sale, I was sold. 

I got the smaller yellow baskets for $3.99 and the larger basket (which they called a peach basket) for $9.06.  I couldn't pass it up.  They only came in yellow, white, and red, (so not all the cute anthropologie color options), but I was happy with the price.


Confessions of a Product Junkie {Face Makeup~Revised Edition}

It's been less than a month since I posted a Confessions regarding face makeup. I've already returned the Bobbi Brown products I wrote about. Hey, a girl can always change her mind, right?

It wasn't that I decided I didn't like the Bobbie products, but while in Seattle, we visited Nordstrom.  We went to the Laura Mercier counter because my friend Suzanna had forgotten to bring her powder on vacation.  She had tried my Laura powder that I wrote about in the first post, so we went to the counter.  They sold her on several products, and well, they sold me too.

So I returned the Bobbie and purchased the Laura.  I've used Laura Mercier in the past.  I had used their foundation primer and loved it, but I hadn't used the radiance primer.  I am obsessed!  Obsessed I tell you!  It is beyond fabulous and gives you the greatest glow.  

Over the primer, I'm using the tinted moisturizer.  I've used it before, but it has been years and I apparently I have forgotte…

Seattle/Victoria Trip {Day 6}

Sunday was our last day in Seattle.  We spent the last two nights at the Inn at the Market.  It is a great boutique hotel that is actually located inside Pike Place Market.  We had a nice large room (unfortunately I waited until 1 a.m. to take the photos!), and a great view of the market and the sound (which I didn't take a photo of!).

Brilliant! Why don't all hotels have a hamper for the dirty towels? Despite wanting to sleep until noon, we got up, got ready, and headed out to see Pike Place Market again.  I still can't get over the flowers and the seafood... It was a great trip, and I was sad to leave, but I had a pup at home that was ready to see me (& I was ready to see her too!).  Here's a phone pic of Mt. Rainier as we flew over... Here's the pup with her souvenir from the Seattle Aquarium Here are some of my thoughts on the hotels, restaurants, what we did right, what we did wrong, what I'd do differently, etc.... The Hotels  Edgewater Hotel:  You can…

Seattle/Victoria Trip {Day 5}

On Saturday morning, we got up, hit up La Panier to get food for the road, and headed to the rental car place.  We got our car and headed out to the Olympic Peninsula to see Olympic National Park.  There are a couple of different ways you can get to the Oympic Peninsula... some, including iphone maps favorite options, involve taking a ferry.  We decided against the ferry route for a few reasons and just drove on down and around through Tacoma. 

Olmpic National Park is huge.  It's really three parks in one, because there are mountains, rain forests, and beaches.  You need multiple days to see the park, not only because of it's size, but because many of the roads have a 35 mph speed limit, an issue that we failed to factor accordingly for. 

Here is a map to give you a better idea of where the park is...
We left Seattle at about 9:15 a.m.  We drove down to Tacoma and across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge to drive up WA 16.  We made a quick stop in Sequim were there are numerous lave…