Monday, June 24, 2013

Confessions of a Product Junkie {Face Makeup~Revised Edition}

It's been less than a month since I posted a Confessions regarding face makeup. I've already returned the Bobbi Brown products I wrote about. Hey, a girl can always change her mind, right?

It wasn't that I decided I didn't like the Bobbie products, but while in Seattle, we visited Nordstrom.  We went to the Laura Mercier counter because my friend Suzanna had forgotten to bring her powder on vacation.  She had tried my Laura powder that I wrote about in the first post, so we went to the counter.  They sold her on several products, and well, they sold me too.

So I returned the Bobbie and purchased the Laura.  I've used Laura Mercier in the past.  I had used their foundation primer and loved it, but I hadn't used the radiance primer.  I am obsessed!  Obsessed I tell you!  It is beyond fabulous and gives you the greatest glow.  

Over the primer, I'm using the tinted moisturizer.  I've used it before, but it has been years and I apparently I have forgotten how much I liked it.  It is perfect for summer.  The primer with the tinted moisturizer over it feels like you aren't wearing any makeup, which was really what made me decide to switch.  Now, there is a Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer which accomplishes basically the same effect as the radiance primer under the regular tinted moisturizer, but of course, it doesn't come in a color light enough for me. 
I'm using a different powder too.  It is their mineral powder.  I'm really liking it too.  It doesn't seem to make my dry skin look flaky.  For some reason, Nordstrom is out of the color I needed in this, both in store and online, so I had to get it at Sephora.   

So while I was liking the products I wrote about a month ago, I'm loving these products!  These are my official face makeup products of Summer.


Rebeka said...

I've been wanting to try Laura Mercier's foundation, I've heard such great things about it from so many people. Maybe I'll need to try the tinted moisturizer and primer too?!


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