Monday, September 23, 2013

TV Time

It's TV Time!  That's right, last night was the Emmy Awards and tonight new TV starts back up.

First a little about the Emmy's:  I thought they were terrible!  I'm a huge award show fan, and I can deal with just about anything, but I was not into it last night.  I thought they were all over the place,  and really just seemed like the Neil Patrick Harris show.

I was so happy about a few of the winners though.  First, Merrit Wever won for best supporting actress in a comedy.  She plays Nurse Zoey Barkow, in Nurse Jackie.  She's always been wonderful, but I especially loved her this past season.  A much deserved Emmy for her!

Second, Jeff Daniels won for the role of newscaster Will McAvoy in The Newsroom.  The Newsroom is one of my very favorite shows.  It just ended it's second season run on HBO (I may have already watched the finale 3 times and still have it on my DVR for future views).  It was a tough category with lots of deserving actors, but I couldn't be happier that Jeff won.

Finally, I was very happy for The Colbert Report and their success of winning two Emmys for the evening.  It's always hilarious and they provided a great public service during 2012 election educating their viewers about Super PACs.  They won an actual Peabody for that, but I'm happy they got a couple of Emmys too.

Now for TV watching.  I've been pretty well occupied watching my summer TV the last few months.  My favorites of these include:  The Newsroom (HBO), Hell on Wheels (AMC), Major Crimes (TNT), and Royal Pains (USA).  But most of those are over, or about to be wrapped up for the season, so I'm ready for some new shows.

Mostly, I'm just sticking with shows I've been watching already, but I plan to watch a couple of new ones.  I've made my table of shows so that I'm all set to not miss a thing!  Here's my day-by-day breakdown:

60 Minutes (CBS)
The Good Wife (CBS)
Homeland (Showtime)
Boardwalk Empire (HBO)

Mom (CBS)
Castle (ABC)
Hostages (CBS)

I'm giving Mom and Hostages a shot on Monday night.  Mom, mainly because I love Allison Janney.  Hostages looks to be a great thriller and has some great casting: Toni Collette, Dylan McDermott, Tate Donovan, etc.

Trophy Wife (ABC)
The Mindy Project (FOX)

On Tuesday, I'm giving Trophy Wife a try.  Again, because I love Bradley Whitford (notice I have a West Wing cast devotion).  

Modern Family (ABC)
Nashville (ABC)
Ironside (NBC)

I'm giving Ironside a shot on Wednesdays.  It stars Blair Underwood, and I'm always up for watching whatever Blair is in.

Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC)
Scandal (ABC)
Parenthood (NBC)

On Thursdays, I'm going to tune in to see Michael J. Fox.  I was of the Alex P. Keaton generation, plus I've loved his guest appearances on The Good Wife.  Who doesn't want to root for MJF?

The Carrie Diaries (CW)... No I'm not 15!
Blue Bloods (CBS)

So that's my TV plan.  Well, I didn't include Housewives, etc., so I guess this is mostly my plan.  Anything I'm missing?  Any good shows you are looking forward to?


The Cooper Family said...

So glad to see a new post! I've been missing your updates.

Jennifer Ffrench said...

We watched the premiere of Blacklist last night...not sure I'm sold on that one yet. Might need to give it an episode or 2 more. We also watch Elementary which is fabulous and premieres on Thursday night of this week I believe !!


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