Friday, November 28, 2014

Oahu, Hawaii {Day 4 & 5}

I had been mooching off of someone else's rental car the whole trip, but on Friday afternoon, I got my own rental to keep until I left on Sunday.  I decided that the trip wouldn't be complete without the ability to drive around the island in a convertible...

I woke up on Saturday morning, pulled my hair into a high bun, put on my swimsuit, cover-up, and sunscreen, and hit the road.
I drove the same roads I had already been on, but with the top down, you could see so much more and take in the smells (for example, I discovered that when you are driving next to coffee fields, you can actually smell the coffee).  Of course it enables me to have a much easier time being the nut who is shooting pics as I drive.

I had a plan to head toward the north shore again.  Which meant stopping at the Dole Plantation for a Dole Whip Float (#3) for breakfast.  I wanted to go lay on the beach where they had filmed some of Lost, but first, I went the other direction because I wanted to see if the waves had calmed enough for the sea turtles to come on shore (they hadn't).  

This is where you turn in for the Waimea Falls
Waimea Bay Beach

Then I drove back to Hale'iwa, where I hit some shops, and had lunch.

I had a sandwich and plantation punch (ice tea and pineapple juice...yum)...
I tried to go find that beach, but couldn't find anywhere to park to get to it, so I abandoned that plan and headed back to the Laie Beach, which I had stopped at for a few minutes a few days before.

It was perfect!   Not crowded...
the water was pretty warm...
a beautiful view...
and a great place to soak up the sun and read.
I stayed on the beach for a few hours, but I forgot to bring my sunscreen so I could reapply it.  Before I got fried, I decided to go back toward Waikiki.

I took the Pali Highway so I could stop at this lookout...

Remember I mentioned in a previous post that Kamehameha I had united the islands?

Well, this is where it happened.  The Battle of Nu'uanu...where he drove the enemy right off this cliff.

I didn't bring my leis home because they were getting pretty droopy, but they had made my room pretty, and made it smell awesome, for the whole trip.
These are some pics I took of Waikiki and Diamond Head from the plane...

I got home late on Sunday night.  When the plane landed, it was snowing.  Talk about a quick reality check!  I about froze getting to my car, and then the roads were very slick getting home.  Luckily, I slid across every bridge getting home, but I made it home without incident.

I was happy to be reunited with my sweet Lola, and she is a big fan of her Dole puppy pineapple!


The Cooper Family said...

Amazing pics! So glad you got the convertible!


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