Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas at the White House {sort of}

I'm a lot little bit obsessed with the White House at Christmas.  I religiously watch White House Christmas each and every year on HGTV.  In fact, visiting the White House during the holidays, is definitely on my bucket list.  When I read that there was a temporary exhibit at the George W. Bush Library which was displaying decorations used in the White House during the holiday display of 2002, I knew that I had to go.

My Mom's birthday was on Sunday, so we went to the library...

Each White House Christmas has been themed since Mrs. Kennedy started the tradition.  In 2002, it was "All Creatures Great and Small".  Paper-Mache animals were created for all the various White House pets over the years.  It is actually one of my favorite years because it combines two things I love:  Pets and Christmas!  

This was George Washington's horse...
Here you can see it as it was in 2002 at the White House...

This is a replica of President Harding's Laddie Boy, and Airedale.

These are some of the animals that President Coolidge had at the White House.  The dog is Prudence Prim, and these are Mrs. Coolidge's pet raccoons.  Her favorite was called Rebecca, and she often walked her on a leash.
The Raccoons in the White House display in 2002...
These are Caroline Kennedy's pets... Pushinka and Macaroni.

Of course Macaroni is the pony, and Pushinka is the dog.  Fun fact: Pushinka was a gift from the Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev.  Many were suspicious of the gift and feared it might be a Russian spy.  It was put through a battery of tests at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and after they determined it didn't have any hidden listening devices, microphones, germs, bombs, etc., she became a beloved Kennedy family pet.
These are Lyndon Johnson's famous Beagles... Him and Her
Of course Millie Bush!
The Bush family pets as of 2002... Spot, Willie, and Barney
As they were displayed at the WH in 2002...
Another decoration that they replicated in the exhibit, was the Blue Room's 18 foot tall tree.  This is decorated as it was in 2002 as well.  That year, the White House contacted governors of all 50 states and asked that they have artists in their states create ornaments representing birds that were indigenous to their states.
Here is a WH pic from 2002.  Mrs. Bush's dress that she was wearing in this pic was also on display in the library exhibit.

The library has a full size replica of the Oval Office.  I didn't expect it to be, but it was decorated for Christmas as well!  These decorations are a replica 2008's decorations...

As you leave the Oval Office, you come to one of my favorite parts of the museum...  the 3 D's:  dogs, dishes, and dresses!
I do love the Bush china.
Last time, I missed the book of autographed dinner menus.  I had to take a pic of this one...
Mom, Dad, 41 and 43.


Legally Lovely said...

What a neat exhibit! I bet the White House is just so gorgeous this time of year. Is it something that you can take tours of? If so, you should go sometime!


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